Premier Farnell UK LTD review
  • 18 Apr, 2020
  • By Admin
  • Computer and Electronics

Premier Farnell UK LTD review

There’s need to check what previous customers are saying about their experiences with a company before delving in.  This informs you of what to expect and most importantly informs your decision to order from that specific store. If you have intentions of applying jobs with a specific company, also spend enough time checking what the current and former employees are saying.

This is actually what we are going to do for Premier Farnell UK LTD. However, we must state that in a world where there are several companies offering the same services at varying prices, you should never go for the highest priced services. Additionally, you should consider Premier Farnell UK LTD coupon codes to save good monies on your next purchase.

What is Premier Farnell UK LTD?

Premier Farnell UK LTD is a high-end distributor of technology products, and solutions. There are a couple of services you can get from this company too. Verily, they offer solutions for repairing and maintenance of electronic system design. Although the company operates from the UK, it has extended its hands to other more than 28 countries in Europe.

Given that there are many regional languages, they have committed in supporting all of these languages and ship products to curb the needs of their customers. The company also uses innovative technics to offer high end products and services to its people. The products and services are aimed at saving someone enough time. They have recently ventured into bringing the most recent and top-notch technology to the public.

Some of the ways they have done that is by investing on development tools that speeds the work and makes it easy for people to go about their daily tasks. Using today’s easy to deploy AI technology is one of their greatest achievement.

What to get from Premier Farnell UK LTD

The company adds about 900,000 services, products and solutions to their online platform every time. They also aim at introducing hundreds of new products every day. You can always request for these services at the comfort of your home and services delivered. They also helps you get along with personal service in person, on their site or through the use of a mobile phone.

Verily, you are the one to make the decision. Their online buying tools are very easy to use. You can easily simplify the work processes with their bespoke buying tools. This makes it easy for you to buy. The company offers free delivery on all orders above $20. The orders are delivered the next day if you order by 8pm the previous day. Lastly, you get access to a 25/5 expert assistance via phone or Live chart.

Are you now wondering which products you are going to get from their website or the products you can order from the company? Here is a summary of all the services and the products that you should consider today.

  • Get Ultra-Low power MCUs for medical appliances at the comfort of your home.
  • You can as well purchase medical sensors and transducers with little efforts
  • Get 3D printers and Filaments with ease
  • Medical approved power suppliers are also on their website
  • Get relays and medical switches
  • Oscilloscopes Range for medical equipment testing
  • TENMA 72-10480 bench Top power supply
  • And many other products

Premier Farnell UK LTD reviews

To be sure the company offers the best services and products to their customers, we had to check what some of their prior customers are saying. Most of them agree that the company delivered top-notch equipment and services. This is key in reducing customer losses and anxiety after investing thousands of their bucks. The customers are also praising how fast the company delivers and how competent they are at handling issues with delivery, services or the products.

With such information, you shouldn’t worry so much about the quality of services, products, and deliveries or how quick the customer care will help you.

Working at Premier Farnell: Employee reviews

According to the reviews available online, premier Farnell UK LTD is one of the best companies to work for. The company as attracted many positive reviews from former and current employees. One of the former employees say that he was shadowing a personal Trainer and the work was so engaging. He continues to add that there are many opportunities to learn new things and to grow you.

The overall rating to the company was Brilliant. Another person agrees that workers here are really hard working. A current employee working as a sales manager agrees that the overall experience in this company has been out of this world. He continues to say that choosing to work with the company was the best decisions he ever made.

Other reviewers agrees that the management is very flexible and the team is very understanding, supportive and gives you a chance to learn from your mistakes. On the other hand, there are few people that had a bad experience with the management or overall working here. One former picker at the company agrees that working here was stressful for him.

He says that the training period of good but later faced challenges because it was very hard to reach the targets. Another person says that the management is political and can let you work for long. This person claimed that there was no enough parking and the break time is not enough. Nevertheless, over 80% of the former and current employees agree that the company is fast paced and very flexible to work for.

Premier Farnell UK pros

  • Quality products and services
  • Reliable customer service
  • Super fast deliveries
  • Affordable services and products
  • The team at the ground is dedicated and capable
  • The staffs are friendly
  • The management is very flexible and understanding
  • Flexible work

Premier Farnell UK cons

  • They use older IT systems
  • Their customer service doesn’t work 24/7.

Final verdict

Premier Farnell UK LTD is one of the most reliable suppliers in Europe with quality services products and solutions. When placing your orders, you don’t have to struggle so much paying the full amount, visit for Premier Farnell coupon code, promo codes and other discount codes.