Cloud massage review for Foot & Leg Massager
  • 26 Oct, 2021
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Cloud massage review for Foot & Leg Massager

Cloud Massage is a machine we should all have right now. It’s a Shiatsu foot massager machine that is hitting the market on a whole new level. In this guide, we’re going to discuss everything about the Cloud Massage Guide and the brand detailing all the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing from them. After reading this, you won’t get out looking for the best foot spa definitely because you will understand how this machine works.

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Features Of The Best Shiatsu Foot Massager On Our List:

It has been tested to be an incredibly efficient machine and has produced excellent results. It comes with a two-year warranty period which is not available with all similar machines in the market today. You can choose between manual or automatic modes of the machine depending on the kind you are more comfortable with.

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How does it work?

The machine works by first using its four kneading rollers that come into motion once switched on. The rollers move up and down simultaneously to make sure that you are getting the best massage experience. The intensity of this machine is something that has been appreciated by users who have purchased it already. It can be compared to a traditional Shiatsu foot massager as well as one from a spa which makes it even more exciting.  

Underneath the rollers, there are four vibration points that boast the technology of Shiatsu. This gives you access to all the pressure points in your feet so that it can be massaged effectively with no problem at all.  

In addition, there is a heating option for people who have been accustomed to using it regularly. This allows them to feel relaxed and comfortable after a long hard day. There are many techniques which you can master with time to get the best results from Cloud Massage Machine. When you learn how to use it, then it will be easy for you to operate and control this machine.

We did extensive research on user reviews from various websites and these are some of the advantages that people have been talking about:

·     1. It has a good look to it.

·     2. It is easy to set up and comes with a user manual as well. - The customer support experience is great. - There are many videos available on the internet which you can refer to for usage techniques.

·     3. The machine is pretty quiet with most people not being able to hear it from a distance.

·     4. It gives you the best massage experience that only a spa can give right at your house with no problem. - You can use it for both feet as well as hands with equal effectiveness.

These are some of the advantages of using Cloud Massage Machine. Now, you might be wondering about the disadvantages of using this machine.

Controversial information about the quality of massage

Some people have complained that they did not like the quality of massage they were given by this machine. They said that it was too rough and hurt their feet which is why they decided to stop using it altogether and invest in a different foot massager instead.

It gives a tickling feeling

Another issue that some people have with this machine is that it gives a very ticklish feeling which can be quite uncomfortable at times. The massage given by the rollers might not be as smooth as you would want to your feet to feel relaxed. If these are minor issues for you, then you should definitely look into buying this product because of its many benefits.

Not for everyone

On the other hand, if you are looking for something that will provide you with a deep penetration in your muscles and give you an incredibly soothing experience then Cloud Massage Machine might not be able to live up to your expectations. You can check out other options in this category by reading our reviews of foot massagers available on Amazon.

Do we recommend Cloud Massage Machine?

If you are the kind of person who is looking for a foot massage machine, then Cloud Massage is your best bet. The reason for this is that it comes with an incredible technology that makes it one of the best machines in terms of working. The original price ranges at $ 800 which might seem a bit high for some people. But, if you are interested in purchasing one today, then you should know that there is currently a 25% discount running on the machine so anyone looking to purchase this machine will be able to get it at $ 496 only. If you do not take any action right away, then you might just miss the opportunity.


Is it good to massage the feet?

Many people do not realize the importance of massaging your feet every day. It is very important to massage them because it helps in circulation and helps remove toxins from your body as well.

Can I use Cloud Foot Massager on hardwood floors?

Yes, you can definitely use this foot massager on hardwood floors without any problem at all.

What’s the best foot massager for foot reflexology?

Cloud Foot Massager is by far the best foot massager for reflexology and we highly recommend it.

Is there foot massage near me?

Yes, there are many foot massage locations near you. You can also check out services that offer in-home foot massages as well.

What’s the best machine for Foot reflexology?

In terms of quality and features, Cloud Massage Machine is definitely the best choice when it comes to purchasing a foot massage machine. It gives a deep penetration to your feet and the kneading action helps in getting rid of any dead skin.


Overall, Cloud Foot Massager is an incredible machine that is convenient to use. It has multiple modes which you can utilize depending on the kind of massage you want to give yourself. Not only that, but it comes with a heated aspect as well where your foot will feel like it’s lying in warm water. The majority of customers were extremely satisfied with the results this machine offered and we highly recommend it to all our readers.