Luminess Air review: Everything you need to know
  • 02 Mar, 2022
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Luminess Air review: Everything you need to know

If you apply makeup, there is a brand that claims to be offering the best products in the market. In this Luminess Air review, we take a closer look at whether it is the best brand or not.

Thanks to the Luminess Air airbrushing technique, it is now possible to achieve professional-looking special event makeup at home. In any case, that's what one online cosmetics shop would like you to believe.

Luminess Air supplies airbrushing systems that are compatible with a wide range of makeup colors and styles, allowing you to achieve your most flawless appearance ever.

Can the brand deliver on its promises to help you achieve your best face at home? Learn what we thought of this home airbrushing kit and whether or not there are any better alternatives available.

About Luminess Air

Luminess Air was established in 2007 and is a cosmetics and beauty company specializing in airbrush cosmetics, spray-on cosmetics, and makeup. Luminess Air is the world's leading manufacturer of airbrush systems and airbrushes cosmetics.

Even though the company has developed enormously since the introduction of the first airbrush system, the values and mission established at its inception continue to be relevant today.

Later, the company's founder, Sean Mehta, and his team set out to create a groundbreaking Skincare & Cosmetics range. Hundreds of packaging concepts and hundreds of formula versions were explored, each one pushing the boundaries of what was possible in the industry.

 A breakthrough color cosmetics collection featuring products for the lips, eyes, and face has been created using higher pigment coverage, innovative formula textures, and never-before-seen packaging to create a groundbreaking color cosmetics collection that perfectly complements the Luminess Airbrush System.

It didn't take long until a skincare line with proprietary ingredients, unique textures, and application methods were launched. Each of these products challenged the existing quo, each achieved remarkable results, and each has been embraced by the people who use them. This commitment was made at the company's inception and has been unwavering since then.

Now that it has a complete beauty line, the brand changed its name to LUMINESS in 2019. The new name represents and reaffirms the business's commitment to generating beauty innovations from canvas to color and maintaining a strong relationship with its consumers.

It is evident in the millions of customers who use Luminess products, the billions of media impressions on television and in traditional media, and the numerous innovative product launches and collections, including the 2019 Disneys the Lion King Sir John X LUMINESS Collection, which has been dubbed "one of the most talked-about cosmetic collections released in recent memory."

What Luminess Air offers

Luminess Air sells cosmetics, with the airbrush being the most prominent item on the company's product line. A complete Airbrush kit from Luminess can be purchased, or individual cosmetic goods can be purchased from the company. Luminess Air offers a variety of products, including skincare products, cosmetics, foundations, and Airbrush systems, some of which are shown below.

Airbrush System

Airbrushing is a rapidly growing method of makeup application that makes it easy to achieve a model's complexion at home and is no longer reserved for special events.

This technique involves spraying a fine layer of makeup onto your skin with a specially designed application gun, which allows you to produce subtle shading and even toning without any clumps or accumulation.

In contrast to traditional makeup applications, airbrushing isn't for everyone and has several drawbacks compared to that method.

You'll begin by selecting your shade group from various colors ranging from "fair" to "rich" to purchase an all-in-one airbrushing kit from Luminess Air. After that, you'll be presented with a 4-in-1 trial deal that contains the following features:

         Luminess Airbrush system

·         Two airbrush foundations in your skin tone

·         Airbrush blush in your skin tone

·         Skin Brightening Airbrush Love highlighter

·         Two airbrush foundations in your skin tone

As a bonus, you'll receive three gifts with your order (Infinity Wear Mascara, 4-Piece Lip Palette, and 4-Piece Eyeshadow Palette), which you may keep even if you decide to return your trial order.


Luminess Makeup can be purchased separately from the airbrush kit if you choose. Cosmetics items include blushes, bronzers, concealers, color correctors, eyeshadows and highlighters, brown and root treatments, tanning products, and ColorFX skin and hair dyes, among other things.

The majority of the things provided are priced between $10 and $70. Some are intended for use in conjunction with an Airbrush system, while others are intended to be used as stand-alone products.

It is common to join up for a VIP auto-ship program, which allows you to save 15% off the purchase price while also receiving automatic deliveries every 30, 60, or 90 days, depending on your option.

The Luminess Air Auto-Delivery Program

All Luminess Airbrush system orders will automatically enroll you in a cosmetic refill auto-delivery program, ensuring that you receive cosmetic refills regularly. In all, this will cost you $39.95 per delivery and will contain a complete refill of all of the makeup that was included in your first order.

You can adjust the frequency of your deliveries or cancel your subscription entirely by calling customer service at (822) 749-5777.

Refund Policy

You can return a product within the 30-day trial period; Luminess Air will accept returns as long as the product is in new or like-new condition and includes all of the original packagings.

If you cancel your order for the whole airbrushing kit, you will not be billed for the subsequent installments, but you will not be reimbursed for the cost of the original trial kit, which you paid for. The corporation considers this to be a "rent to try" fee, therefore thus does not include it in the final purchase price calculation.

To begin the return process, you must first call the Customer Care department at (888) 793-7474 to obtain a return authorization number.

In addition, your order must ensure that the product is delivered to the company's processing facility within the 30-day trial period or ten business days, whichever is the latter of the two deadlines.

A 25 percent restocking fee will be charged on merchandise that comes up to seven days after it was ordered, and merchandise that arrives after 14 days will be denied and returned to you at your expense.

Shipping policy

Luminess Air offers free shipping on all orders placed inside the contiguous United States. Generally, orders are handled within 1-2 business days from when they are placed for items currently in stock.

Your package will be delivered within 5-7 business days after being shipped from our distribution center unless otherwise specified. Orders received after 3 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST) will be processed the next working day.





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Analysis of Customer Reviews

Customers have posted reviews for Luminess Air on Sitejabber, with more than 250 total reviews. They have an average rating of 1.8 stars, and just 15% of users say that they would recommend the system to a friend or colleague.

However, according to reviews on the website, the latter is contrary the rate is 4.4. Here's a rundown of some of their most thought-provoking observations:


         An inexpensive approach to increase your cosmetic game, regardless of your present skill level.

         Some people thought it was worth the money.

         Customer support is kind and helpful with makeup questions.


         It isn't easy to qualify for refunds

         You must pay to ship products back to the company.

         The return period is short.

         The company may be deleting negative reviews from its social media platforms.

  The available color tones do not work with all skin types, and they are not available in all color tones.

The Bottom Line: Is It Worth It?

Luminess Air promises to revolutionize your makeup application procedure by making it simple to attain airbrushed perfection in the comfort of your own home or office. On the other hand, this brand falls short due to its high price and complex pricing structure.

The negative customer feedback for this product indicates that many customers are unaware that they are joining up for a "rent to try" program with their first payment. They will be required to spend significantly more in the following months to keep the system. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you will not be reimbursed for the initial payment.

Luminess Air may still be worth considering if there are no other, more affordable alternatives. Unless you already know that you adore Luminess cosmetic products and aren't scared to commit to them financially, we recommend that you start with one of these brands instead of starting from scratch.

FAQS about Luminess Air

How long does a bottle of Luminess Air foundation last?

Bottle of Luminess Air foundation lasts about 7 weeks, and you use it daily about 10 or more drops.

Is Luminess a monthly subscription?

Luminess Air will charge you a monthly recurring fee (their monthly club membership fee) that is difficult to cancel and impossible to reverse charges after you have signed up for the service (even on credit cards). The notification that you have been charged a monthly fee is tucked away and difficult to find during the ordering procedure.

Where is Luminess air made?

Luminess Airbrush Makeup and Foundation, which has won numerous awards, is 100 percent cruelty-free, vegan, and made in the United States.

What is the total price of Luminess air?

Luminess Air's total price is $19.99, where you get a 30-day trial of the system; after that, you will be required to pay $59.99 for five months of service.