4seating.com Review: Is 4Seating.com Legit?
  • 02 Nov, 2021
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4seating.com Review: Is 4Seating.com Legit?

In a world where almost everyone is going tiny with tiny houses and cutting their possessions, you can expect that comfort seating and space saving sofa and space saving furniture is a must. In the process of purchasing home theatre seating, multimedia sofas and Loveseats, you will come across many online stores claiming to be the best in the market. One of these retailers is 4seating.com. To help you along, we have to review this company and determine whether 4seating.com is a legit company or not. We’ll also compare 4seating.com with competitors and eventually give our recommendations. But before that, check these 4seating coupon codes and promo codes to help you save during your next purchase.

What is 4seating.com?


4Seating.com is an online retailer that mainly sells space saving furniture and seating for homes. One of the biggest promises they give is that their sofas and couches take up less space, but still provide you with all the comforts that you’re used to in larger sized sofas and seating pieces.

The company is an experienced provider of movie chairs, home theatre décor, home theatre seats, multimedia sofas and several other products. The company has been in the market since 1997.  The sale of 4Seating.com is done through an online store, but they also have a brick and mortar location in South Euclid, La Habra

What does 4seating.com sell?

4seating.com’s main products are furniture items such as sofas, armchairs and sectionals that all offer reduced space. They also sell items such as bar stools, console tables and even desks for your home or office. The majority of their products come in smaller sizes, so they are perfect for anyone living in a small apartment or if you just want to save some space. When it comes to furniture features, 4Seating has all the basics covered such as hardwood, chrome and leather finishing along with other standard options. Here are the main products that 4seating.com sells.

·         Seat craft Monterey

·         Seat craft

·         Seat craft dynasty

·         Home theatre seating

·         Multimedia sofas and Love seats

·         Multimedia sectionals

·         Media Lounge Furniture

·         Tied Theatre seating

·         Commercial seating

·         Home theatre decor

4seating.com Pricing and Shipping

Pricing for 4Seating.com is generally competitive in the market and they offer a decent number of coupons and discounts to reduce the price even further. The main reason we state that 4Seating has competitive pricing is that they price match competitors. There is an option on their website to request a Price Match, which means you enter the URL of the competitor you wish to match and they’ll get back within 24 hours. Shipping cost at 4Seating.com depends on your location and the size/weight of your order.

How good is 4seating customer care?

4seating.com has a 24-hour customer care service that you can contact for any questions or concerns. They have a live chat feature, which lets you instantly talk to someone if you need help right away. There is also a ticket submission system and email address available. If the phone number seems very busy when you call, don’t be afraid to try out the live chat feature instead.

Contact 4Seating through

·         Toll Free Number: 1.800.407.8665

·         Local Number: 1.714.515.1503

What are 4seating.com’s shipping options?

4Seating offers a number of different shipping options depending on your location and speed preferences. Prime Shipping provides 3-5 days delivery from when your order is placed, Standard Shipping takes anywhere from 2-3 weeks and Economy Shipping takes 2-4 weeks.

4Seating.com Coupons and Promo Codes:

Coupons and promo codes can be applied when your order is completed for additional discounts/savings on your purchase. Coupon code requires a coupon code to unlock the deal, so it’s just a matter of obtaining one from our website or 4seating.com. Visit couponcodegroup.com to apply 4seating coupon codes and promo codes automatically.

4Seating Reviews and Complaints

There aren’t that many reviews or complaints about 4seating.com online, but the ones that are there are mainly positive in nature. The majority of people who buy products from 4seating are very happy with their purchase along with how easy it was to use the website and check out process. The biggest complaint is that their products don’t come with assembly instructions, but this isn’t the case for all of their items.

What does 4seating offer in terms of coupons or promo codes?

4Seating offers a very limited number of coupons and discounts on their website at present. They do have a Price Match option, which we mentioned earlier and we also see discounts for bulk purchasing.

Do we recommend 4Seating.com?

 4Seating.com is not a bad company and they do not have any major issues such as credit card or customer information theft. So, we recommend this company to everyone that wants to save money online buying any of the products presented on their website.  Nonetheless, if you are looking for space saving furniture pieces at the best price, you are better off checking out our recommendation on couponcodegroup.com. This website has a huge range of products and offers even bigger discounts than 4seating.com. Plus they will deliver your furniture directly to your home without charging an extra cent.


How do I contact 4Seating.com?

You can contact the customer support team at 4Seating by submitting a ticket on their website or calling them directly at 1.800.407.8665. The live chat feature is another way to get in touch with them if you need help immediately.

What are some complaints made against 4seating.com?

Most of the complaints made against 4seating are about their claimed free shipping, but they only offer a few items as part of this deal. There is also a small number of complaints about their furniture arriving damaged or one piece being different from another.

What does 4Seating ship to Canada?

For a fee, 4seating can ship to Canada.

4seating.com Review: Final Thoughts

In a world where most people are searching for small furniture and space saving sofas, it is no surprise that 4Seating.com has grown tremendously in recent years. The mix of competitive price points, good selection and the option to easily match competitors makes this online store a great place to buy your next sofa or sofa bed.