Coronavirus vaccine from Moderna shows early signs of Viral Immune response
  • 22 May, 2020
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Coronavirus vaccine from Moderna shows early signs of Viral Immune response

Coronavirus vaccine or cure topic has been hotly debated since the onset of the disease. Many organizations and individuals are working day and night to help combat this disease in time. Although there is more news about the Coronavirus vaccine, the one developed in Moderna has shown some notable progress. This vaccine shows that it can create an immune-system response in the human body.

This means that your body will be able to fend off the Virus. This vaccine for covid-19 is being developed at the Moderna Inc. and has some promising signs of helping the human body fight a successful battle against the virus. The developers claim that the virus has shown some promising results in creating immune-system responses that could help fend off the virus.

These results are due to a small and first human trial conducted so far. The phase 1 trials of the vaccine showed no major warning signs of the shot. This is according to the statement recently released by the company. This sturdy is being facilitated by the US government and the company has some major plans to scale the vaccine and consider wider testing.

As we all bear the wrath of this disease, we wish that a cure or a vaccine is introduced to lift some of the measures. This vaccine promises a future with fewer or less serious social distancing measures that most jurisdiction have took too serious. We expect that soon the vaccine will be made available and hundreds of world economies will open safely and events restored all over the world. As of the latest news, this disease has killed more than 327K people, infected another 4.97M and left the whole world population scared.

This is what has stirred a global race by drug makers to look for cures or vaccines. Moderna being one of those drug makers on the rush for the vaccine, it shares about 26% in trading. The global markets have also risen largely. This company with the efforts and knowledge investment of its human resources plans to give the full results of their trials very soon.

The researchers are also keen to observe the blood samples of the test subjects. They want to know whether the vaccine has helped them generate antibodies that can further narrow the race for the vaccine and treatment. This move was coupled with many findings but the results were of two lower doses in this study. The levels of antibodies in the subject’s blood after getting the second shot of the vaccine either exceeded the level of antibodies or maintained the same level.

In the world where everyone is worried, these are good results showing that we can make an antibody that can stop the virus from duplicating.  Stephanie Bancel, Moderna CEO said that the safety profile appeared to be good and the results they got after the vaccine seemed typical of a vaccine. These included the pains at the injection sites, the redness on the same sites and a temporary fever and chills after the injection.

The Moderna CEO added that they felt like they should release interim data from their trials to release the tension and inform those with special interests with the vaccine. The second phase of this trial is set to begin shortly and if everything goes well, the final trial will go on in July 2020. The 3rd trials for this vaccine are expected to factor in thousands of healthy volunteers from around the world.

The first trials also looked at the blood samples of the subjects to see whether there are any antibodies that can bind the virus and the ones that can fight off the infection. This was made easy by looking at the quantity of Coronavirus antibodies that are produced by the subject’s immune system and eventually determining whether the antibodies were sufficient to prevent the virus from moving to the nearest cells.

The New Vaccine technology

The Moderna Inc. is using a technology known as mRNA technology. This technology works different from the typical vaccines where the inactive pieces of the virus are injected in the human body to trigger a lasting immunity as that of a person infected by the virus and recovered. Their technology relies on the Body’s own cells to produce the viral proteins.

The RNA once injected in the human body slips in the human cells and instructs them to make virus-like protein which is referred as the spike protein on the surface of the virus. If this vaccine works, then it will automatically trigger the body to generate protective antibodies. One major challenge is that the vaccine technology is new and it has never been used in any of the vaccines before. Though, the company has invested relevant minds from China and USA to help along the way.

Coronavirus Vaccine FAQs Is there a vaccine for the coronavirus disease?

In most cases, it takes time to get a vaccine for a new disease and coronavirus is no an exception. The world has not released any details about the Coronavirus vaccine. What this means is that currently, we don’t have a cure of a vaccine for Coronavirus.

What is the treatment for Coronavirus?

Coronavirus just like most viruses doesn’t have a specific approach to treatment. What happens with this virus is that your body tried the best to fight it. If your immunity is well maintained, you can expect to recover from Coronavirus fast enough.

What is the recovery time for Coronavirus?

The preliminary data shows that the clinical recovery from the onset of the first symptom is about 2 weeks. Just remember that this is an approximate and there are tens of other things that affect the results. Some of them include your immunity, health, existence of an underlying condition etc. The expectations of every person in the world are for the vaccine to work and help us get back to normal life. This what Moderna promises and we have trust in them that soon a notable solution will be found.