Emergency Essentials review
  • 17 Mar, 2020
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Emergency Essentials review

Emergency essential is a company located at Orem, Utah. It has  got a chain of stores in the cities around the point of headquarter including; South Jordan, Murray and Bountiful. The company ventures in supplying various equipment and gear for camping, emergency kits, long term food and water storage and daily use food storage. They also offers emergency preparedness consultancy with the department of Homeland security.

The company is customer driven and they put their customers’ desires first in the supplies of high-quality food that has been dehydrated, freeze-dried and nutrition protected. The food is kept in such a way that its flavor is not lost or does not change. The aim of the company is to serve the customers adequately and effectively with quality products. To help you make an informed decision when going for Emergency essential goods and services, we have compiled a list of things you need to know.

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Is it a good try?

It will serve you best if you choose emergency essentials because of the various advantages attached to their name. The company supplies different categories of things which are; food, kits, supplies, combos, water storage, meals ready to eat, emergency gear, cooking equipment, emergency kits and survival kits. If there is a company that has the best customer service then it must be emergency essentials because they have a specialist who u=is ready on the line to answer any questions that their customers have.

The specialist also offers preparedness tips to the customers. This company also values your money and the efforts you have put in to get to them because they have the best price for their products. The company also offers price guarantee to their products in the sense that if you are likely to find a lower price for the same product, the company will match that lower price within thirty days of purchase.

It would be very mean of me not to tell you about the deals and the promotions of this company to its customers. Customers that subscribe to for email that includes survival content and company deals are eligible for a 15% off their first order. The company also put some items that are available in limited quantities for a limited time up for flash sale every day. Isn’t that amazing? There is also discount offered on products that are within the closeout, overstock and discounted sales section.

Pros of emergency essentials

  1. They have the best prices for their products - This Company has the best prices in town for their products. They also have a guarantee for products that are sold at lower prices in other stores and they are likely to match it within thirty days of purchase.
  1. The company’s customer service is on point - The best customer service you will encounter in a while from other companies won’t come close to that of this company because they have attendants that are committed to serving customers. They also have a preparedness specialist that will advise customers on emergency preparation over the line.
  2. They offer discounts and promotions - You can save a lot of money by shopping with this company because they have the best discounts and promotions. There are discounts that apply to buying in bulk and others for new subscribers. They also have a flash sale for specific products at a limited period of time. Check emergency essential coupon codes and other promo codes on com
  3. They sell quality in the name of emergency products - The company sells very quality products that are long lasting and are likely to serve you for the longest time possible. If you consider the quality of these products and their price then it is a good deal for you.

Cons of emergency essentials

  1. They lack confidence in their products - Some of their products are supposed to last for almost twenty years but the company provides a thirty days warranty. This shows that the company have no confidence in what they sell.
  2. They take too long to process large orders - Several customers have complained that some of their orders were put on hold for too long even after finding out that all the products they ordered were in stock.
  3. Some of the products they sell are already damaged - Cases of customers getting damaged products or foodstuffs that are already damaged have been reported. They also request you to return the products at your expense.
  4. Their customer service line takes too long to be answered or it is not answered completely - It takes almost ten times of calling for you to be answered on the customer service line. Some of the customers have also said that their calls were never answered completely.

Emergency essentials return policy

The return policy of this company states that they accept new, unopened items that are returned within thirty days of delivery for a full refund. The company accepts that it will be liable for the shipping cost of the returning product if the error is solely theirs. For example, if the product was incorrect or and some defects in it before you used it then it is the company that will cater for the return shipping fee.

The company also says that the customer refund will be done within a span of thirty days after the package has been returned to the shipper. Before returning a product you should contact the company first and notify them the reasons that prompted you to return the product.

Emergency essentials shipping policy

The shipping policy of this company is determined by the amount of money you use while shopping with them. If then you shop with emergency essentials then you are eligible for a satisfaction guarantee, very low prices and very low shipping rates. The shipping rates apply as follows; if you spend up to sixty dollars in shopping the company will charge you $9.99 as the shipment fee.

If you spend $60.01 to $120.00 in shopping, the company will charge you $12.99 as the shipment fee. If you spend $120.01 or more in shopping, the company will charge you $15.99 as the shipping fee. For minimum quantities of group special the company ships it for free.