Best Italian Shoes Brand
  • 04 Apr, 2018
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Best Italian Shoes Brand

All over the world, most people love italian shoes, which is mainly because of styling, elegance and neat design. Just like many, you sure will be looking beyond the tag "Italian Shoes," but rather, top quality and best Italian shoe brands.

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Below, I have compiled a list of 10 best Italian shoe brands. This list will satisfy your curiosity; I will be revealing to you Italian leather shoe manufacturers in this piece. However, the list isn't in order of ranking; they are just the best ten Italian shoe brands.

1. Tamara Mellon

Tamara Mellon Shoes for Womens

Tamara Mellon co-founded Jimmy Choo in 1996 and 20 years later, she's still obsessed with shoes but not the traditional way of doing things. So she's starting over. This is her reboot (pun intended) to redefine luxury and do what she does best: design shoes and break rules. Up to $50 Off Tamara Mellon Promo Code will help you to save on your order. Best Offer in Shoes At Amazon 

  • Genuine Leather Upper
  • Handmade with Italian calfskin upper with perforated detailing for an elegant look
  • Low stacked wooden heel height: 1" (approx)
  • Premium breathable leather lining and cushioned leather-covered insole for ultimate comfort
  • Classic wingtips and lace-up design
  • Designer quality with classic detailing and comfortable style
  • At low price $30.99 - $40.99 

2. Bruno Magli



Are you in need of a luxury shoe and quality leather goods? An excellent choice is Bruno Magli from Italy. Any gender restriction? No! The product from this brand is designed for both gender- Men and women. The brand name is culled from Mario, Bruno, and Marino who are siblings that learned the art of shoemaking from their grandparent. Bruno Magli has its headquarter in New York. Bruno Magli is one of the top Italian shoe brands in the globe.


  3. TOD's



Ever heard of TOD's? This is a company founded in 1920 by Filippo Della Valle. TOD's is one of the best makers of Luxury leather shoes and other designer wears. In fact, foot-wears and leather goods are the primary products of this company. Seeking for an Italian brand, TOD's isn't a wrong choice for you.  


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4. Salvatore Ferragamo. Another Italian shoe brand that specializes in luxury goods is Salvatore Ferragamo. Their leading brand name is culled from its founder. You perhaps may want to know how it relates to its brand? Salvatore Ferragamo is a shoe designer who decided to establish his company in 1928, having its headquarter in Florence. Salvatore Ferragamo is rated as one of the best Italian shoe brands you can pick in the world.

  5. Santoni

Another top quality Italian leather brand is Santoni. Founded in 1975 by Rosa and Andrea, and started as a shoe design studio. The have their headquarters is in Corridonia. Lovers of leather brands coupled with Italian shoe brand can wear and enjoy classic shoes from any of Santoni's products.

6. Gucci

You may have been thinking if this would not make this list? I got you served! Gucci is an Italian brand that works on leather shoes and goods. Gucci was founded in 1921 as a fashion brand with its headquarter in Florence, Italy. This brand is one of the top Italian shoe brands as well as clothing brand. As a result, you can have a combination of excellent shoes and wears from this brand.  

7. Prada

Although Prada is one of the best Italian shoe brands, it does more than that. It includes perfumes, accessories, and wallets made with quality materials. This brand was introduced in 1913 as a fashion designer. But, presently, has over 600 boutiques across the globe with its headquarter in Milan. And their products are some of the best for fashion enthusiasts.

8. Oliver Sweeney

Another premium quality Italian shoe gaining people's hearts is Oliver Sweeney. It does more than shoemaking though, having it extended to clothing and other fashion accessories. The brand name was gotten from its founder's name. Presently, anyone seeking the best brand from Italy can take a pick from Sweeney's collections. You won't be disappointed, I bet.

9. Ermenegildo Zegna


Zegna is also a high-quality Italian brand. Fashion is its goal! From shoes to suits, fabrics, and other quality fashion designs. This company was founded by Ermenegildo Zegna in 1910 in Trivero. Presently, the headquarter is in Milan and with over 500 boutiques around the world; that is the primary reason it is having my mention in the list of top 10 Italian shoe brands.

10. Moreschi



Another extremely high Italian shoe brand is Moreschi. Wouldn't you be amazed to know that product making has over 300 manual steps? A tradition that indicates a dedication to quality! The company started very small in Viger in 1946, and many decades after, it has grown into a household name in Italy. One more excellent thing about Moreschi is that there is ease in the process of buying- through their official websites and showroom. Included is also free shipping for those who place orders.


11. Pineider

Franciso Pineider established this brand in 1974. Pineider is also home to shoe lovers who are obsessed with quality Italian shoes. The brand specializes in handmade luxury and leather goods. The brand is ultimately a family-owned Italian company. Lovers of high-quality designs are often thrilled that the brand's products, every product are as a result of traditional craftsmanship embedded with high-quality materials.  

Final thoughts Here are my best Italian shoe brands, I hope you check them out and shop as much as you can or desire. You can subscribe to our website for more on these.