Discover Cars review: Is it a worthy car rental website?
  • 15 Mar, 2022
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Discover Cars review: Is it a worthy car rental website?

In today's review, we will look at the discover cars review. It is a car Rental Company which promises to get you a car to get to you where you want.

Car is important, especially if you are indifferent, as it facilitates smooth movement. You cannot afford to buy a country in each country you go to. The option is to rent a car. In this discover cars rental review, we find out more about the company and its worth.

What is Discovercars?

DiscoverCars (formerly known as Discover Car Hire till 2019) is an international car rental website that facilitates the booking of rental automobiles worldwide.

In 2013, the Latvian government approved the establishment of the corporation. Located in the Latvian capital of Riga, has its primary headquarters.

Discover Cars history

Discover Cars were established in 2013 with a focus on European destinations. In 2019, the firm changed its name to DiscoverCars.

In this discover cars review, we get to find out why DiscoverCars was named to the Financial Times' FT 1000 list in March 2020. The FT 1000 is an annual rating that recognizes the fastest-growing companies in Europe and is published by the Financial Times. was placed 64th, making it the highest-ranking Latvian firm in the list's history and the highest-ranking Latvian company overall. The company was also the third fastest-growing travel and leisure company globally, as well as the fastest-growing vehicle rental company in Europe. It was featured in the rankings for the first time in March 2021, when they were updated for 2021.

DiscoverCars, like many other travel firms, saw a large drop in reservations in March 2020 due to the global epidemic of COVID-19, which occurred in March 2019. The company also reported an increase in local tourism in various nations during the same period.


Services offered by Discover Cars

DiscoverCars is a website that allows you to book a car rental online. Its website is available in a total of 17 different languages. will cooperate with more than 8,000 automobile rental shops in 137 countries by the beginning of 2020.

The company works with other companies such as Hertz, Alamo, Europcar, National, and SIXT and travel metasearch engines such as, Skyscanner, net cost, and Liligo to provide its services.

Discover Cars assists you in locating the most affordable car rental rates by comparing a large number of various automobile businesses. There are a plethora of low-budget options to pick from as a result of s

In essence, Discover allows you to compare a large number of various firms and select from a large number of different vehicles.

Why use Discover Cars services

There are several benefits offered by discover cars, and in this discover cars review, we look at them one by one.


We're all on the lookout for low-cost car rental options. Auto rentals can be pricey, but that was not the case until we discovered Discover Cars car rentals. They bargain with automobile rental businesses over the prices of many rental cars to get reduced prices for their consumers. Discover Cars is a great place to find low-cost car rentals.

Because Discover Cars examines a large number of various providers, they will find you the most affordable options for wherever you intend to hire a car.

This can result in a rental automobile through Discover being anywhere from $20 to $40 per day less expensive than more well-known competitors.

The pricing breakdown with certain examples will be discussed in greater detail later. In addition, it's crucial to keep in mind that costs and car availability differ depending on which country you're in, which is something we'll get into more detail about later in the post.

Deposit is reasonable

If you intend to rent a car, you will almost certainly be required to pay a security deposit. According to the country you are in and the overall cost of your rental, you will need to deposit a different amount. It is critical to be aware that these deposits might differ significantly from country to country.

The website that is easy to use

Discover's website is extremely user-friendly, and it provides you with all of the information you require on rental costs, insurance, coverage, deposit, deductible, and so on.

Unlike many other websites we've used, they set everything out in plain sight for you to read. Once you arrive at your rental car location, you won't have to squint through the tiny print of the Rental Terms & Conditions to figure out how much you'll be spending.

Cancellation is free up to 48 hours before arrival.

When traveling, it's a good idea to be aware of this function if your plans alter unexpectedly.

Some other rental companies, such as Hertz, also provide this option, although many of them only provide a full refund if you cancel at least seven days before your planned pick-up.

The cancellation policy for Discover Cars is the same as that of the other companies. Discover Cars will refund you at any moment up to 48 hours after your purchase.

Low-cost insurance coverage is available.

It doesn't matter where you hire a car; Discover offers a flat-rate insurance option for as little as 8.85€/day, regardless of the location.

Most other organizations have variable insurance fees every day, and these costs are typically a little higher, so it's wonderful to have some consistency in this aspect.

How to Request Compensation

If the worst-case scenario occurs and you are involved in an accident (preferably not your fault), the following is the procedure to follow to seek compensation:

Customer service should be contacted at (customer satisfaction @, and the following documents should be included:

         Your signed rental agreement

         The rental company's assessment of the car's condition when you picked it up and when you returned it

         An invoice from the rental company charging you the deductible/fees

         Receipts showing payment of the deductible

         Your Paypal or bank account information

         A detailed account of the incident (including photographs/video evidence if you have it)

         A written police report

         Your Paypal or bank account information (if applicable)

When it comes to hiring a car, this is relatively standard fare at this point. Always maintain copies of your receipts and invoices if something goes wrong with your business.

Discover cars reviews: Customer reviews

Even though we are doing an honest discover cars review, it is important to look at other people's reviews. According to a review on, discover cars are rated 4.4/5. Thus, many customers are pleased with the services offered by this company.

Some of the highlights which make this car rental company stand out include;

Save 15%

Several customers noted they could save up to 15 percent less than those who book directly with a car rental company when using Discover Cars.

Cancellation is completely free.

The whole amount of your rental will be refunded if you cancel at least 48 hours before your scheduled pick-up date and time.

There are no hidden fees.

The price we quote is the price you will be required to pay. There will be no surprises or shocks. All applicable taxes and mandatory fees are included in the prices we quote.

Final words

If you're looking for a car rental service, Discover Cars are the company to call. We tried our hardest to provide you with unbiased Discover Cars reviews in this discover cars review.

The importance of understanding how rates vary based on where you hire a car when hiring a car cannot be overstated when renting a car.

It's also vital to consider the amount of the deposit you'll be required to pay, as well as whether you'll be able to pay with a debit or credit card. Discover Cars is a user-friendly website that makes it simple to see all of the variables, allowing you to compare your alternatives and wind up with an economical, insured rental car for your upcoming trip.

Don't hesitate to contact the Discover Cars customer service department at support if you have any issues or want to know more about Discover Cars' full coverage.