A third of online shoppers are actively targeted by Covid-19 fraud: Beware of Bogus Websites
  • 26 Jul, 2020
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A third of online shoppers are actively targeted by Covid-19 fraud: Beware of Bogus Websites

Scammers know how to take advantage of every situation. At a time when every adult American is grappling with unescapable Coronavirus Pandemic, the scammers are becoming witty to sip the last savings out of your Bank accounts. People are currently suffering from a worry that is growing inside their pockets every time they want to get the card and purchase a new Phone model or a gadget from online stores.

Recently, FBI warned Americans of a rising pretense by bogus websites flocking the U.S airport websites. The FBI stated that these acts are leading to Identity Theft and financial loses on the side of the company and Individuals. FBI stated that most of these criminals create bogus websites that use the real company’s information, Log, font and color scheme to confuse the general public. They usually do this because the industry is a booming source of personal information and has flocks of unaware users.

KTSM hosted Cyber Supervisory Special Agent Conan Whetten who explained that the Criminals target personal information which they eventually use to siphon finances from unsuspecting user’s personal Bank accounts. This information shows that it’s very important to be careful with your personal information and other details when signing up for Flight journeys. It’s also important to check around for Flight deals from trusted sites. Today, Shorefield.co.uk offers the best Holiday deals for you on Accommodation, Holiday Locations, and many other areas.

You can actually save significantly on Short Breaks and Holidays in Dorset and The New Forest. Check on CouponCodeGroup.com for Shorefield Holidays special offers and Coupon Codes. Hundreds of Fake Conservative ‘’News’’ Websites pretend to be local. This Business is Booming and now there are Hundreds of Bogus websites claiming to offer local news. Most of these sites are from Orlando causing more confusion among the locals. They come with neighborhood-specific names which is a specific tactic to build trust. 

As this Booms in the US and the local areas, there are chances that bogus retail shops are coming up with similar site names to confuse innocent shoppers. Besides the fake Job offers which is seen as a Booming scam venture during the pandemic, online shoppers are slummed with fake Product ads and websites that target your little Investment. These sites will ask for your personal information or promise to deliver the Phone or any other product only after paying an upfront amount.

The Group of criminals already know that consumers rely heavily on e-Commerce sites to shop for their products. As a matter of fact, we are all confined in our homes and many local Businesses have not been able to open. For that reason, we have all opted to get all our purchases done online assuming its safe and convenient. But with the above information from FBI and other local news, it’s easy to notice that there are some Bogus websites that will try to get all your personal information and other details from you.

Flipkart recent scam

Recently, shoppers were tricked to a fake advert on social media that most of them assumed was sponsored by Flipkart. The adverts were sure to catch the Buyers attention because of the cheap and hot offers that were advertised. This was an advertisement where Flipkart featured Oppo F11 at a cheap price. The internet user ended up clicking on the Link and was directed to another site which raised alarm.

The site was a clone which looked exactly as the Flipkart site. Looking at the two sites, it was easy to notice that this is a serious online Fraud that is setting in. A recent study from Consumer Financial Hardship studies show that at least 32% of the consumers report that they have been targeted by online scammers at the time of Coronavirus. Phishing is listed as the World’s top digital fraud that is getting many internet users off-guard.

The TransUnion which is the US Consumer Credit reporting agency surveyed people from Columbia, Hong Kong, Canada, UK, South Africa and US to determine the preference of these cases. Although more than 27% of the respondents claimed that they have been victims of Phishing, another 21% say that they have been victims of Third-Party-Seller scams on Legitimate Online retail websites.

This raises alarm especially now that many users have started trusting online shopping. These schemes vary from one country to the other. US has been the seriously hit country especially when it comes to bogus websites. This calls for personal responsibility when it comes to buying online and avoiding these types of scams and fraud.

How to avoid being a victim of Fraud in 2020

‘’How can I get my money back from a fake website?’’ ‘’what can you do when scammed online? How do I protect myself from Fake websites?’’ These are some of the questions I get from serious online shoppers that always fear for their finances. The fact is your bank accounts can be drained immediately you fall victim of an online scam. But there are some chances that you can get your money back by approaching your bank and reporting the case to the police swiftly. Besides that, here are three major ways of protecting yourself.

Use trusted Coupon sites

Coupon sites are flocking the market with all the best promises to help you save money on your next purchase. As if that is not enough, you can secure some hot deals site wide or on specific products. Always ensure you get these services from a trusted Coupon code site. CouponCodegroup.com offers you the best Amazon Deals on Amazon Prime day, the best on Lenovo laptops and services and many other offers.

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Shop on Secure websites

Shoppers are advised to always check whether the site is secure before submitting their bank details. Most of these websites have a padlock symbol on the web browser. Though, it’s always important to check for additional security features. Buy Accessories, apparel, clothes, shoes ,swim accessories, Fitness products and other beauty products from Roxy.com with Roxy.com Coupon codes and promo codes, Quicksilver.com also has some hot deals on SHIRTS and Polos, Wallets, sunglasses, jackets and sweatshirts, pants and jeans, dresses, tops, women accessories, Bottoms, swim products, Hats and Beanies for Kids and many other products. Get Quicksilver coupon codes and promo codes to save.

Consult with the real company when buying from AFFILIATES

Scammers are wise these days. They’re likely to use Bogus websites and at the same time market their products. If a specific site is marketing products from a retailer, always search online for the retailer and confirm the details. This is likely to save you a lot of money and offer peace of mind as you wait for your products to be shipped.