SunPower review
  • 30 Apr, 2021
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SunPower review

As solar technology is becoming more cost-effective to consumers, more and more people choose to equip their homes with solar panels, but it is not without its drawbacks that this clean power source. The consultation and installation process is still quite expensive and could be a headache.

SunPower is a clean energy company that "makes the comfort of your home safe and easy for the solar system." They say their panels are efficient, so you can maximize your energy output and reduce your electricity bill dramatically.

But is it as economically and easily as the brand does appear to say? I have this review of SunPower to find out and explore the company, its offers, pros and cons, and other details.

What is SunPower?

SunPower is a solar energy company. It offers a full line of residential and commercial solutions to help you receive the maximum benefit of renewable solar energy. The company upgrades your home or business with some of the highest wattage solar panels available from any solar company.

Solar panels arrive on-site with factory-integrated microinverters that allow for faster installation. Local SunPower solar dealers understand the building and permitting codes in your area and provide customized services.

Sun power was founded in 1985 and is proud that it provides homeowners and companies with reliable energy and lasting peace of mind. It is a pioneer in the sector and currently contains over 500 U.S. solar technology patents.

SunPower is knower than traditional solar technology for high-grade and high-efficiency solar panels. SunPower plates look attractive and come in a number of various sizes and wattage options to enhance the development of renewable energy for both residential and commercial consumers. A large network of certified dealers completes most of the SunPower installations.

Company background

SunPower has a rich history in solar manufacturing and is considered by many to be the technology leader in the solar industry. This is a very large claim, but it is hard to discord because the lowest degradation and best performance guarantee on the market currently produce the most efficient residential solar panel. Even though its products come with high performance, the cost is high.

In the early 1980s, SunPower began a laboratory and in 1988 became an official SunPower. The research & development team developed record-breaking P.V. cells with advanced cell technology (used in the space program by NASA) and Honda, after securing funding from investors, to win Australia's worldwide solar challenge car race. SunPower has become one of the leading solar cell manufacturing companies globally and has paved the way for today's high-efficiency Maxeon IBC cells.

SunPower expanded and built advanced plants to produce high-efficiency solar panels in the U.S., Mexico, Europe, and Asia in the 2000s. L.G. Energy has competed in the last decade with the Neon R panel range using similar iBC cell technologies at the same level of efficiency and performance.

All wasn't smooth for SunPower, however. In recent years, the company faced serious financial problems and accumulated considerable debt because of high overhead expenses and pressure from Chinese and Korean panel manufacturers, which are extremely competitive. The financial difficulties forced SunPower to restructure its businesses and its manufacturing businesses. In this article, please see detailed company analysis.

What SunPower offers

SunPower offers a range of products featuring different power outages and budgets. Below is what you can get from SunPower and light your home with solar energy.

SunPower solar panels and equipment

Solar panels of SunPower are long-lasting and efficient. The panels are equipped with the Maxeon cells, whose solid copper base provides strength and corrosion resistance and overtures conventional cells. SunPower provides four solar panel series:

  • A-Series

Solar panels from the SunPower A-Series offer a power output of up to 22.3% and 400 watts. The Maxeon Gen 5 solar cells are 65% larger than previous generations to convert more sunlight into power.

  • X Series

Constructed with anti-reflective glass that reduces glow, the X-Series Panels are an excellent option if there is limited roof space.

  • E-series.

The SunPower E-Series panels are available in wattages of 320, 327, and 435 and deliver up to 20% efficiency. According to SunPower, the E-series is 36% stronger per panel than traditional panels.

  • P Series.

These panels are designed specifically for large commercial projects and are durable, and consistently perform high-reliability testing results. In the case of row-to-row shading, their unique parallel circuit design generates more energy. P-Series panels are available in the range of 380 to 400 watts and will enjoy over the first 25 years of use, offering up to 19% efficiency.

SunPower mounting systems

SunPower has its installation solutions compatible with its panels and emphasizes superior appearance and ease of installation.

  • The InvisiMount

For most roof slopes and types, SunPower's rail-based mounting system is all-black in design. 70% less visible than other similar mounting systems are the InvisiMount pieces.

  • OneRoof

OneRoof is a high-quality metal roofing product and a solar mounting system, an integrated roof mounting solution for new homes. It integrates flush with the roof and provides adequate air circulation to guarantee high panel performance.

SunPower cost

Solar energy systems from SunPower normally cost $3 to $4.50 per watts. SunPower can cost up to $30,000 or longer before incentives for a 6-kilowatt system.

You can purchase a resident system, pay for a loan or rent a system directly with SunPower. For eligible homeowners, the company provides solar funding options of $0. You can benefit from tax credits and other incentives through purchasing.

SunPower warranty

The complete warranty for SunPower provides a 25-year retrofitting or replacing system for your solar power system. The guarantee also covers microinverters and racking in addition to solar panels.

SunPower will guarantee that over these 25 years, your solar power system does not lose more than 8 percent of its initial output, ensuring the efficiency and power production of your homes. SunPower also covers ten years of surveillance technology. The full guarantee covers the carriage, parts, and work of a certified installation contractor.

SunPower Pros

During researching SunPower, few things are impressive about the company. These features are pros to the buyers of the company products.

The company offer Purchase, Lease, and Loan Options

SunPower offers their customers three payment options to support them in saving electricity on their bill: solar leasing, cash purchases, and loan financing.

SunPower Capital owns the system, and the customer rents the system efficiently through monthly payments with a lease option. The rental has a 25-year guarantee of performance and easy options for the customer to transfer the rent.

Solar systems typically have loan terms of between 5 and 25 years and no prepaid penalties.

In the final analysis, the cost of a SunPower solar system depends on several elements, including the current use of energy, the availability of roof space, the net metering policy for local utilities, and many other factors.

High-Efficiency Panels

For more than thirty years, SunPower has been at the forefront of solar technology. Therefore, in the innovation and design of solar cell equipment, the company excels, enabling its customers to rely on expertly installed, high-quality solar products at home.

The solar installer delivers the highest solar panels that you can buy today. The elite solar modules produced by the engineer of solar panels with an efficiency of up to 22.3% and a coefficient of 0.29 are of a solar panel rating, meaning that excess heat will not adversely affect the output.

Each SunPower panel is made of non-reflective glass and covered with anti-reflective film to ensure the maximum possible length of sunlight. SunPower cells give your money the best value.

High-quality Solar Panel with High Energy Production capacity

The SunPower X series solar panels provide 44 percent more energy per watt than competitive products based on power generation. SunPower can offer smaller solar installations and fewer panels for its customers' homes than any other company.

Every SunPower solar panel is also 75% power per watt higher than the conventional solar panel, making a significantly greater profit over the long term from investment in a SunPower solar power system.

Moreover, SunPower panels maintain their power generation in partially shaded conditions much better than conventional panels, making it a better rooftop option for customers living in a cloudy area or often shady areas.

SunPower SunVault Battery Storage

SunPower introduced SunVault storage – a powerful, elegant home storage solution that matches SunPower Equinox's leading residential energy system. Once available widely, SunPower panels installed with SunVault storage will allow customers ready access to electricity even when power failures occur.

Monitoring ability

System status and performance monitoring are extremely beneficial to consumers who want to see how much energy is generated – both at present and historically – by the panels on their roof to ensure that everything operates in the right way.

SunPower gives customers a useful and convenient app. The app offers essential system information, including electricity output, approximate savings, over-time power generation, and the environmental impact of the system's energy. All this data is easily visible on a smartphone.

SunPower systems also include a consumption monitoring kit installed if the homeowner's site is compatible. With consumption monitoring, homeowners can view current and historical energy usage, and the SunPower app provides more in-depth information about their energy profile.

Also included in SunPower systems is a consumption monitoring kit installed on the homeowner's site that is compatible. Homeowners can view current and historical energy use with consumption monitoring, and the SunPower app offers detailed information on their energy profile.

The company offer Warranties

Including the 25-year full-scale confidentiality product guarantee covering the equipment itself and the 25-year workmanship warranty covering labor and solar installations, SunPower offers a number of guarantees to protect the solar system of its clients.

A 25-year performance guarantee is provided by the clean power company covering the customer if his solar modules fail to produce and generate energy.

SunPower cons

Also, there are few things during research about SunPower which are not pleasing.

Non-Commercial Buyers don't enjoy PPAs.

Many customers may wish to obtain a SunPower module through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), as that method of payment typically includes a $0 down option, eliminating barriers to solar entry.

Sadly, only commercial clients can receive PPAs from SunPower; however, the solar leasing option can provide clients with immediate (and flat-rate) financial benefits.

Customer Service Complaints

Some users have given SunPower customer service negative feedback. Common complaints include difficulties reaching an official, delays in returning telephone calls, and failure to deal with problems.


SunPower is well-known as a leading manufacturer of solar panels, and very few firms can compete with the same quality and performance. SunPower even now leads the world with the Maxeon series, with the lowest degradation and the highest performance guarantee, as the most efficient solar panel.

While the Maxeon panels are not surprisingly the most expensive on the market, quality is, most of the case, the price. Given that solar is a long-lasting investment, the higher prices also mean improved efficiency, reliability, and energy production over the system's life.

SunPower's financial challenges in recent years have raised certain concerns about SunPower's ability to deliver on long-term guarantees. SunPower remains. However, the number one installer and customer ranked in the U.S. and many parts of the world.

SunPower, in contrast, lacks a significant presence in other markets such as Asia and Australia, and the very high price of the Maxeon series can be hard to justify, while other manufacturers could even offer the same performance and quality at a lower price. On the other hand, in the commercial solar sector, the new series was very successful, very economical, and supported by one of the best available guarantees. With the improved financial outlook and the next-generation A-series panels available in the USA now, it appears that for some time now, SunPower can remain a market leader.