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  • 03 Nov, 2021
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It's important to take care of your cat's diet and the right nutrients they should be getting. That is why we are here to teach you some basic knowledge and some good foods for them and eventually review the best cat food retailer out there (! But before that, check these Coupon codes and promo codes that you can apply to save money significantly on your next purchase.

Each cat is different from the other, they have different attitudes and behaviour therefore their diet should be unique as well.

Different breeds require different amounts of energy to function on a daily basis. For example, if you have an obese cat it might not be able to run around and play like a kitten because it’s fat will prevent them from moving around too much.  Back to the task of the day. Is the best can food supplier? Is the company legit? Are there any negative reviews for this company? Let’s find out.

What is is a subscription based cat food manufacturer, marketer and supplier. You can choose from a wide range of options on their website, including the number of cats you have, as well as what kind of food they eat. The prices are very reasonable and start at just $15.99 for a 10 pound bag!

What I think about

First off let me say how surprised I was at how easy it was to place my order. All I had to do is enter my number of cats, pick out the type of food they eat, choose how many days in advance I wanted their food delivered, and voila! My order was placed. The next day my bag of cat food arrived at my doorstep right on time!

The price is very reasonable, and the food is good quality. I don't think you can really ask for much more than that! cat Food review

The internet is full of cat food reviews that are either biased, or not comprehensive enough. That's why I will be doing a full review on's cat food to give you my honest opinion of it. So let's get started with our cat food review by first taking a look at what they have to offer.

Now that we know what Smalls has to offer, let's find out if it's any good or not! I'll be reviewing the Chicken and Chickpeas flavor.

Chicken and Chickpeas:


·         100% Complete

·         Balanced Dinner

·         Ingredients are 100% Human Grade 

·         Smalls contains 100% of your cat's daily nutritional needs so you don't have to worry about supplements! 

·         Smalls comes in a resalable pouch to preserve freshness -Easy to store in your pantry!


·         It looks like a stew, not a pate. This could be good or bad depending on what you're looking for. 

 Chicken and Chickpeas Pros and Cons Overall

I think that Smalls offers a great product that is 100% complete and balanced. There's not much more you could ask for in a cat food! The only thing I don't like about this product is that it looks like a stew, but that's such a small detail that it really doesn't matter too much. It can also easily be stored in your pantry. If you have any other questions, comments, or feedback on our cat food review please leave a comment below. I hope you found this cat food review helpful and good luck with your pet!

The only thing it doesn't have is a grain free recipe for overweight cats who need to watch their intake. by Alvin C. Brown III M.S, Science Writer for our cat food blog.

Chicken and Chickpeas is a great product that I would recommend to any cat with an inconsistent diet.

Customer care review customer care is also excellent. They were polite and helpful, and answered all of my questions about their product. However, there are some cat owners claiming that doesn't replay their inquiries on time. Other complaints is lack of an online chat and a direct contact to the manufacturer. 

I believe that the issues outlined above could be due to a bad customer service representative. This problem can be resolved by an email or phone call. The best of Smalls, of course is its complete and balanced recipe and high quality of ingredients.

Saving Money on Cat Food

The best way to save money on Smalls cat food is by getting a subscription at an average of 10$. The coupon will bring the price down to only 5$ for a 10lbs bag. With that being said you can easily feed your cats with this product for an entire month and still have money left!  It's definitely not the cheapest cat food on the market; you can find better deals out there. But, for this quality of ingredients and 100% complete and balanced recipe, it's definitely worth its price!

Applying cat food coupon codes and promo codes can as well save you a lot of money.  For instance, if you place an order at via a Couponcodegroup, you can get Smalls discounts ranging from 15% to 25%. It's really good, isn't it?


What sizes does Smalls come in?

Smalls comes in 3 different sizes: 5lbs, 10lbs, and 20lbs. The cost difference between the three is $3.50-$4.00.

How much does Smalls cost?

This varied depending on the flavour you choose, but on average it ranged between $4-$8 for a 5lbs bag.

How do I store my Smalls cat food?

The great thing about this product is that it comes in an easy to store pouch.


Pros -100% Complete and Balanced Dinner. -Ingredients are 100% Human Grade. -Smalls contains 100% of your cat's daily nutritional needs so you don't have to worry about supplements! -Smalls comes in a resealable pouch to preserve freshness. -Easy to store in your pantry! Cons -It looks like a stew, not a pate. This could be good or bad depending on what you're looking for.