Beauty Brands Review for Skincare, Makeup, Salon & Spa
  • 25 Mar, 2020
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Beauty Brands Review for Skincare, Makeup, Salon & Spa

Beginners find beauty counters very intimidating but I don’t think there’s anything better than shopping for your favorite mascara or lipstick online and waiting for the product to be delivered at your doorstep. There’s nothing better than getting to a store with staffs that will guide you along well when you are shopping in the store to make sure the product you get meets all your beauty needs.

Considering the amount of places you can buy for such products in the market today, it’s very imperative to read the reviews before you move on. If you have wanted to buy your best beauty product from Beauty Brands or wanted to work for them, then this Beauty Brand review is what you need before making the decision.

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What is Beauty Brands?

This is a salon and a spa store that offers the best products in makeup, nail care, salon, hair care, skin care and spa. This store was started and developed by the advertising company-Bernstein-Rein. This company is located in Kansas City, Missouri. One good thing about Beauty Brands is that it has been in the market for a long time. It was established in 1990s and has been offering the best services in terms of skin care, salon, hair care, nail care and selling beauty products.

However, in 2013, this company was purchased by a private California Based company that replaced Bob Bern stein and David Bernstein. From then, the new management was picked by Lyn Kirby and Rich Bos as CEO and president respectively.

Is Beauty Brands a Good Beauty Brand?

When it comes to beauty products and skin care, people are very cautious with any product they find out there. This is obvious because a small mistake when getting skincare services and choosing some beauty products will cost your health. In the case of Beauty Brands, we have noted that the company offers high quality products and services that are fit for all types of skin. This means that there’s little to worry about in this case.

Most prior customers have not complained about anything concerning issues with the skin after the services were offered or after using the products.

Is Beauty Brands a scam?

This brand is one of the best and the most popular beauty brands in the US right now. The company has a known management and a known headquarter. For that reason, they are dedicated at offering the best services in terms of beauty products. This is a clear indication that the company is one of its kinds and a legit supplier of beauty products in the US and several other countries in the world.

Working at Beauty Brands Review

Most employees both current and previous have shared what it’s like to work for Beauty Brands. One of the staffs working as client service specialist says that she was very pleased to work for Beauty Brands. She continued to say that working for this company was enjoyable because of the management efforts and the lively staffs. She adds that she has learnt a lot about beauty products and how to differentiate them.

Another person explains that he liked so much to work for the company. He shared that he was working in almost all departments which helped him gain a lot of experience. Some other employees say that the company was good to work for because there were some paid vacations, healthcare benefits and several other benefits. Here, you also have freedom of making your own schedule that will accommodate all the things you want to do and ensure you have enough time for your family.

On the other hand, there were several employees that had a negative experience with the company. One of them says that she worked here for six months and it all started well. She shared that the new manager was very prejudice, cruel and would flat out.

Working at Beauty Brands Pros

  • Paid vacations
  • Would get a lot of experience
  • The job is super easy
  • The company is family owned, meaning its more Personable than Franchise
  • Many health care benefits
  • The schedules accommodates you and all your family needs
  • The clients are treated with respect and appreciation
  • Hours can be good at times
  • Very fun place to work
  • Discount is great

Working at Beauty Brands cons

  • Working over time
  • The management sometimes don’t value the employees
  • The employees are neglected
  • Small place to work
  • Loss of equipment
  • The tips are sometimes stolen
  • Lack of education
  • Hours vary greatly
  • Management is not very stable
  • Managers are too friendly-They should be managers and not friends
  • The discount sometimes is as low as 25%
  • They may fail to honor your request off.

Do we recommend Beauty Brands?

Yes, we highly recommend beauty brands because there are many ways you can benefit from them whether buying beauty products or getting your salon and spa services. We have also seen many people confirming that they would recommend job seekers to this company. With many health benefits, paid vacations and a high commission, you wouldn’t ignore working here. For beauty products, they are top-notch and most people have confirmed that there’s little to complain about here. So make up your mind soon and utilize Beauty Brands Coupon codes from to save a lot of money along the way.

Final Verdict

Although there are many beauty brands out there, is the best company to work for and a good brand to shop from. More than 90% of all customers are very satisfied with the products and services offered on their website and specific stores.