Relief Factor Review
  • 13 Oct, 2020
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Relief Factor Review

The popularity of natural products has been on the rise lately, mainly because of aging and self-care trends. However, youngsters are also looking for natural alternatives to over the counter and prescribed medicine and drugs. But there are many concerns about the safety and effectiveness of natural remedies and supplements.

For that reason, it’s crucial to take time to check whether any of the health products you are about to go for is genuine. The relief factor is an organic product made from fish oil. It’s mainly made for people that want to deal with pain and discomfort, especially due to everyday issues. The product can as well deal with muscle and joint pain and eventually restore flexibility and mobility.

Over time, this product has gained a couple of different reviews from current and previous users. One main reason you should try to understand this product before using it is that it should be used long-term. The effects can be profound to some people. In this brief, I want to help you make an informed decision when choosing this product. I will also share some views from current and previous users and offer you a chance to save with Relief Factor coupon codes and promo codes.

What is Relief Factor?

Relief Factor is Created and Marketed by Promedev, LLC. Pete and Seth Taibott founded this company in 2015. The main office is in Kirkland, Washington. Relief factor is their main product in the Joint health category. The product has four main ingredients that aim to reduce the pain and inflammation in joints and muscles. To understand the product further, we have provided a detailed review of some critical information to help you make sound decisions. We will discuss the product features, benefits and investing some of previous customer’s reviews and comments.

Is the relief factor safe? How does it work?

Relief factor is a drug-free botanical and fish oil product designed to address the pain associated with aging, exercise, and everyday living by reducing inflammation. The relief factor is safe despite some side effects. Its action mechanism varies from ingredient to ingredient, omega act by promoting natural healing and maintaining healthy tissues. 

Turmeric acts by reducing inflammation, resveratrol by combatting free radical damage a key process in anti-aging. Furthermore, research via customer reviews has found that over forty percent of the respondents claimed that the product was effective. It’s believed that the effectiveness of the product varies from person to person since everyone is unique in their response to the product's ingredients.

What are the main ingredients of the relief factor?

Relief factor is made up of primary ingredients, none of which is neither patented nor trademarked. Then the ingredients are:

  • Icariin,200 mg for nitric oxide support.
  • Resveratrol,70 mg an ant-oxidant for combatting free radical damage in anti-aging products. The amount of resveratrol in the relief factor below the normal dosage in supplements.
  • 667 mg with the role of addressing inflammation by facilitating the body’s natural response to overexertion.
  • Omega 3,900 mg, this is mainly for maintenance of healthy tissues and promotion of natural healing in addition to boosting the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory drugs.

What are the side effects of the relief factor?

Relief factor has side effects ranging from dizziness, dry mouth, and stomach upset. The side effects are mainly due to the interactions of the components of relief factor with various medicinal products, as is the case with resveratrol and blood thinner interaction. Adherence to the approved dosage of three packets of four pills, two tablets, and two soft gels will generally result to fewer side effects. The fact that the side effects vary from person to person, its advised that one consults a medical specialist

Caims vs. reality

Over time, we have reviewed a couple of joint care products and checked what some previous users are saying about these products. For this product, there are many mixed results. Most of people claims that the Relief factor is very effective and useful. However, few other complains relief factor is a waste of money. Some few others say that relief factor results may be delayed. If the customer reviews available in the market are a thing to go by, then more than 50% of users confirm that Relief factor works perfectly for them.

The remaining percentage of users claims that they didn't feel any significant relief from the use of this product. In my opinion, this product will work differently depending on different factors. For many users, it may not show significant results. It also works in different degrees from one person to the other. This is mainly because people responds differently to all these ingredients. I personally like the fact that the product contains resveratrol, Omega 3 and Turmeric. All these ingredients are known to have health benefits and may provide a healthy inflammatory response. The ingredients are used in a couple of health products.

Relief Factor pricing

The Manufacturers of this product employs one of the most bizarre pricing strategies. As a new customer, you’re required to sign up for a three-week Relief Factor Quick Start Membership. After this, you will receive a three-week supply of the product for only $19.95. This includes handling and shipping few weeks from the day of Quick start Subscription, the company will process your Credit card for an additional $79.95 and another $6.95 for shipping and handling. The price will include the cost of shipping thirty-day supply.

This will go on until the customer cancels the membership. Besides the cost, you can utilize Relief factor coupon codes and promo codes to save significantly on your membership.

Final verdict

Besides the fact that half of the users claims that they didn’t notice significant relief after using this product, it can work for you. As I stated earlier, this product works differently depending on many factors. Different people also responds differently to the ingredients. Save on relief factor with coupon codes and promo codes from Lastly, the company’s website seems as the only place where you can buy the Relief Factor. This means that the product is not available on Amazon or other stores including the Vitamin Shoppe.