TSPlus Review for advanced security
  • 02 May, 2020
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TSPlus Review for advanced security

Technological advancements are being recorded every day. With such speed and competition between big tech companies, you would probably expect some functionality such as Remote Desktop Software. Since the introduction of this technology, many software developers have ventured into this business. One of the best Remote Desktop Software is TSPlus. To help you make the best decision between this software and TSPlus alternatives, we have choose to review TSPlus and give you additional information that can greatly help you.

TSPlus enhancements

 The TSPlus latest version 12:40 has attracted a lot of attention from the people. For that reason, the TSPlus development team started to work on new improvements. They actually wanted to improve on the pillars of their remote Desktop solution. Some of these developments include strong security, quick deployment, easy administration and several others.

Why TSPlus?

TSplus is a software that focuses entirely on making Task management easy and simple for admins. The development team for this software brought important improvements simply because of the merging of connection clients and RemoteApp setups.

App Publishing is easy

Another great step is the ability to publish your apps with ease using this software. The admins can choose Admintool to keep the apps into a folder and assign that specific founder a group or a single user. What this means for admins is that nowpermission management for many apps is very easy. Additionally, the folders are displayed in an optimized way depending on the program use i.e. Application panel, Folder Panel, mobile apps, web portal or Taskbar.

Lockout Security

Terminal Services Plus Security

Another feature introduced on the latest version of TSPlus is the lockout security. For businesses, security has been a challenge. For that reason, the software was to take care of the security. They have added RDS-Knight and 2FA add-ons. This is to enhance the protection and prevention against any form of cyber crimes. TSplus goes further on the Version 12:40 to operate natively as a TSPlus feature-the Lockout protection.

This is for Web Portal Admins also have a chance to check and edit list of users blocked from its web portal for entering wrong credentials many times. The KDS-knight 4.2 The newest version includes a KDS-knight as a trial version. This makes it easy for someone to essentially protect the working hours. It includes better performance and a new feature that make permission administration easy.

TSPlus for beginners

If you are a new user or someone that has just realized the new interface, you will find it very easy to start. The development team included a ‘’Getting started’’ icon that takes you through the process of starting. There’s also a tutorial video to show you around and help you get started. For starters to understand, the video is made easy and smooth. You will find this video on the latest update.

After installation, you will get access to this video with ease after opening the software. The video is also brief with all the steps and information you need to start. As a matter of fact, it shows you ease to start steps and important information. It also explores some of the newest improvements that you probably need. The latest version also includes a number of fixes and other features that make it ease for you.

TSPlus alternatives and competitors

Every time you are looking for a product review, you probably want to know how the product competes with other alternatives. Fortunately, TSPlus is a genuine service provider that offers you the best of whatever you need. If you are looking for alternatives to TSplus, look no further. Many people out there want remote Desktop software, which makes this industry one of the most active in the world. The most difficult thing is making up your mind about the software to choose from the pool of them in the market.


AnyDesk is the PSPlus’s main competitor offering remote secure connection. This allows exchange of files from one computer to the other remotely. This also guides the people through all the complicated steps in any of the dimensions.


This TSPlus alternative is easy to use and has a remote support. It gives you a way of connecting to any of the application remotely. It also gives you the ability to connect through Desktop-to-mobile and Mobile-to-Mobile.

ConnectWIse Control

This alternative works very well to connect remotely between two computers. You can easily control remotely PC’s for troubleshooting. There are many other functions that this offers.


I have frequently come across many people’s questions and worries that people need addressed and answered. Here are some of them and their answers and other details you need to make an informed decision. TSPlus offers remote access and load balancing application. This allows a business to make it simple for web-enabled solutions.

How much will I pay on TSPlus?

The starting price for this software is $75.00. The company doesn’t offer a free version. This means you have to be very sure before you place the order. The good thing is that you can easily get to their free trial before making the decisions.

Why should I choose TSPlus?

This software has a number of features that can make your business easy and help you connect remotely to your computers. Some of these reasons are authentication, content caching, content routing and many others.

Does TSPlus accept coupon codes?

Definitely, you can save some money using TSPlus coupon code from Couponcodegroup.com. This is among the most viable and reliable ways of saving on such subscription.

Final verdict

TSPlus is good software that enhances Remote Desktop access. With all the features and functionalities stated above, you may want to give it a try. If that is the case, first of all opt for Free trial to see whether the software works perfectly well for you. After that, you can also check the alternatives to see how they compare to each of them. This is what ensures you have all the information to make the decision.