Capucinne review
  • 06 Jul, 2021
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Capucinne review

If you are searching for an online store to buy Jewelries Capucinne claims to offer everything you need. In this blog post, we review if in need Capucinne offers what it claims and more so learn about the company without forgetting the reasons which make it stand out among its competitors. Jewelry has become an integral component of our wardrobes, filling in the gaps in our attire in various ways. It enhances a person's appearance when worn.

Jewelry is worn by both women and men, though it has become increasingly unpopular among males over time. Women continue to wear jewelry in enormous quantities. You'd be surprised at how much fascinating information can be found in jewelry. The fact that jewelry is constructed of materials like gold, silver, jewels, and metal is one.

Carbon is found in diamonds, and the first synthetic diamond was created in the 1950s. As a marriage pledge, around 75% of American brides receive a gold or diamond engagement ring. The artistic fabrication of jewels from metals such as gold, diamond, and silver marked the beginning of the metal age. Because of its durability, smoothness, and gleaming luster, gold is the most popular and most expensive jewel.

About Capucine

Capucine is a website dedicated to the sale of fine jewels. It is the minimalVS company's first jewelry brand in Slovenia, a lovely little country on the European continent. The jewelry produced by the company is made and developed to meet the individual needs of a wide range of customers. Capucine items exude the beauty and elegance of minimalism and modern design to their customers.

The company obtains its gemstones carefully and individually, ensuring that its standards are of excellent quality and satisfy the needs of its clients. Their designs are painstakingly shaped, cut, set, and polished. They make high-quality items and personalize them to match consumer needs by experimenting with different materials, colors, and sizes.

History of Capucine

Capucine history can be traced from Slovenia, a small country in Central Europe. It was formed by Maja, who is the company's creator and its primary designer. While on maternity leave after the birth of her second child, she began producing jewelry. MinimalVS, her first jewelry brand, was founded in 2013, and it is currently a sibling company to Capucine. MinimalVS began with selling handcrafted gold-filled jewelry and then expanded to include solid gold items.

This is where the concept of Capucine was born. The company is now owned and managed by Primoz Majestic. He collaborates with Maja and a team of others to provide exquisite rings to their consumers.

Products and services offered by Capucine

Fine jewelry and rings are the two primary areas in which the company sells its goods. Wedding sets, bands, diamond rings, engagement rings, gemstone rings, and sapphire rings are among the company's ring offerings. The company provides bracelets, earrings, and necklaces in fine jewelry, including simple gold necklaces, diamond necklaces, and gemstone necklaces.

They also invite users to become brand ambassadors and engage in affiliate programs as long as they follow their criteria. Clients can also schedule a meeting and provide personalized suggestions for the important characteristics of the ring or other gems that they would want to have custom manufactured. They offer a blog part where they share thoughts and suggestions regarding their products and other jewel tips with their clients.  The company also offers a referral program.

What makes Capucinne stand out?

Capucine's concentration on personalized merchandise is one of its distinguishing features. They enjoy combining different gemstones to create one-of-a-kind pieces. They pay special attention to what customers want and need and only create items that meet those requirements.

Their personalized pieces range from selecting the stone design for your ring from their existing collection to designing your own. You can also send them your stone to have it made into a piece of jewelry just for you.

The diamonds

When it comes to their manufacturing method, Capucine takes pride in being transparent. They seek to transform the traditional jewelry sector while also contributing to society. They provide conflict-free diamonds, valuable recycled diamonds, and community service.

The GIA certificate on Capucinne diamonds attests to their high quality and authenticity. The Gemological Institute of America issues GIA certificates. It contains neutral data on the stone, such as its quality. This certificate is attached to all of their diamonds over 0.3 carats, indicating that they are of high grade.

Cryptocurrency payment option

Another unique feature of Capucine is that you may buy rings from them using bitcoins. This is the most up-to-date design for a jewelry retailer's website. To stay ahead of the competition, this organization has chosen this mode of payment.

It's also a way of keeping up with the times. This is one feature that sets them apart and gives them a competitive advantage. Ethereum, DAI, Bitcoin, USD coin, and Litecoin are among the cryptocurrencies they accept.

The website is easy to navigate.

The website of Capucine is something we must discuss in this Capucine review. When it comes to their website, Capucine has taken a basic approach that works well. The site is not congested, and browsing the pages has a calming effect on the customer.

Several pages are linked from their home page. At the bottom, there's a section where you can shop by stone. If you already know which stone you want on your ring, it is a breeze.

Capucine Refund Policies and Customer Service

Capucine provides free shipping on all orders, which can be transported anywhere in the world. They ship with a DHL courier and demand a signature upon arrival. If you alter the address after a shipment has been dispatched, you will be charged $20. Their manufacturing time is 4-5 weeks, which means you'll have to wait that long for your order to be completed. This time limit applies solely to items that are not yet ready to ship.

Warranty Options

Capucine also gives a 6-month warranty on their items if they are returned within that time frame. For things that are returned, they also provide free replacements and repairs. This only applies if the product has been confirmed to contain a manufacturing flaw. The guarantee does not cover items that the buyer damages. In this instance, the buyer is responsible for the replacement of the product and the settlement fees.

Capucine also places a strong emphasis on customer service. This company specializes in bespoke things, which implies they pay attention. They take note of consumer requests and wish to manufacture products that the customer will approve.

Shipping policy

The organization strives to provide a smooth experience for its customers. It has a straightforward delivery process and offers free shipping on all orders placed globally. It uses reliable shipping providers like DHL to deliver its orders.

Before placing a purchase, a customer should double-check their entire address and phone number to confirm they are correct. They must sign when the package is delivered. Once the shipment is ready for shipping, the firm provides a tracking number.

Frequent Asked Questions about Capucine Is buying diamonds online safe?

Buying diamonds online is preferable to doing so in person because it is safer and less expensive. Not only is the process simple, but you also saving time by not having to drive around to different locations to look at ring samples.

The most important thing to remember when making an online purchase is to buy from a recognized and trustworthy company.

Is Capucinne a reputable company?

Capucine is a store that sells high-end jewelry. Their diamonds are accompanied by a GIA certificate, which certifies the stone's quality. They also have a return policy, warranty, and guarantee, which establish their credibility.

They also provide excellent customer service, making them a viable option for acquiring an engagement ring.

Is Capucinne good for engagement rings?

Capucine has a large selection of unique engagement ring designs. These designs are one-of-a-kind and can be combined with your specific vision to create the ideal engagement ring. They put a premium on listening to you, the customer, and creating a ring that you will adore.