Online mattress wars: which company suitable for better sleep?

We must have the proper amount of sleep for living a healthy life. To have a good sleep, we require good quality of the mattress. And as there are plenty of companies which are getting into online mattress game; it’s been easier to get good sleep. You can easily shop your new bed without leaving your current bed. The only drawback is that we have different choices, and thus you have to set aside time to read reviews and select a mattress that works best for your body and your sleep too. So to make things easier for you, we have brought 10 online stores that sell the best mattress in terms of quality and also provide great customer service.

1. Muse Mattress:

Muse Mattress

Muse Mattress

We all are different and similarly, our sleeping styles are also different. So you must choose a mattress that is suitable for your sleeping styles. You will get 3 options on the basis of the firmness of mattress – soft, medium and firm – to cater to everybody. You will definitely get good sleep and will have a fresh morning.
Specialty: It provides a combination of the actual phase-changing technology with dense gel-infused memory foam to absorb room temperature and as a result giving a cool mattress. It also provides 10 years of warranty.
Return Policy: You can get the 120-night trial and if you don’t like the product you are free to return that.

2. Nuvanna Mattress:

Nuvanna Mattress

Nuvanna Mattress

Nuvanna is one of the leading stores to sell the most quality mattresses. Each and every mattress is design and manufactured with three layers to boost recovery for an active lifestyle. All the latest innovations and technologies have been used to make amazing and incredibly comfortable mattresses.

Specialty: It has got the incredible support that prevents the sinking feeling common in other foam mattresses. Even it also supports proper spine alignment which reduces the back pain. This store also offers 10 years warranty.

Return Policy: You can get the 100-night trial and if you don’t like you can return the mattress and this mattress will be donated to The Salvation Army or any other charitable trust.

3. 2920 Sleep Mattress:

2920 Sleep Mattress

2920 Sleep Mattress

When we go shopping mattress, we only keep three things in mind while shopping: Support, comfort, and durability. And 2920 Sleep keeps all these 3 factors keeping in mind while manufacturing the mattress. With all the support and integrity in craftsmanship, the prices of the mattress are very fair.

Specialty: The mattress is manufactured in such a way that they are soft enough to offload your bony premises and firm enough to support your greatest curves. This online store also provides 10 years of warranty.

Return Policy: You will get the 100-night trial and if you don’t like your mattress you can return it and can get the full refund.

4. Agility Mattress:

Agility Mattress

Agility Mattress

Agility is very well-known for the attractive hybrid mattresses. They are scientifically engineered to fulfill all the requirements of the experiencing a perfect sleep. They believe in meeting the high standards of mattresses so that they can get their customers good sleep. You won’t find any complaint against this store regarding quality and customer service.

Specialty: Each layer is made with the highest quality material and has got some unique specifications and yielding that make the mattress very comfortable.

Return Policy: You can get the 100-night trial and if some reason you don’t like the mattress you are not allowed to return it, instead they ask you to donate it to registered 501(c)(3) charity.

5. Happibed Mattress:

HAPPiBED Mattress

HAPPiBED Mattress

Happibed believes in going to bed happily, and waking up from bed happily. It provides cloud like feel with great pressure relief and cooling. The mattresses has got a perfect combination of pressure relief and support. They are soft and firm at the same time. Happibed offers great customer service and reasonable price of the mattress.

Specialty: The foam used is of high quality standards and you can also zip and wash the cover. Each and every layer has a luxury construction done with latest technologies to provide the best sleep. They offer the lifetime warranty.

Return Policy: You can get the 100-night risk free trial and if you aren’t satisfied with it you are free to return it.

6. Idle Sleep Mattress:

idle sleep mattress

idle sleep mattress

Idle Sleep offers everything you need in your mattress with superior quality at a fair price. It provides 2-sided mattresses that can be used on both sides by flipping or spinning it. And due to this the life span of the mattress increases. You are free to select your choice mattresses and you will get more option like hybrid luxury firm, hybrid latex, 14” all foam luxury firm and many more.

Specialty: Not only 2-sided design is the specialty of Idle Sleep but also they provide high standard quality that has got better pressure relief and it also stays cool. They offer the lifetime warranty and will stand behind the quality and will take care of you.

Return Policy: You can enjoy the offer 120-night trial. There is plenty of time to decide whether it will work or not. And if it doesn’t work you are free to return the mattress.

7. Dream Cloud Sleep Mattress:

Dream Cloud Sleep Mattress

Dream Cloud Sleep Mattress

Dream Cloud offers mattresses that have memory foam and breathable coils for supportive sleep. It provides idle support for all sleeping positions. Each and every material is hand-selected and has passed to the quality test done by the team. They believe that their customer must get good sleep and have happy mornings.

Specialty: The mattresses are manufactured by a plus Euro Top to keep the softness, a high density memory foam is used to support every sleep position and a micro coil is used to make targeted support. They offer the lifetime warranty.

Return Policy: You will get the 365-night trial that allows you to see whether you are comfortable for all 4 seasons or not. And if you aren’t satisfied with the product then you can return it and get the full refund.

8. Morphiis Mattress:

Morphiis mattress

Morphiis mattress

Morphiis offers one of the most customized mattress. And you can select any of the mattress as per your comfort zone. Customizable mattress are used to reduce pressure points and are clinically proven. It also compares the Morphiis mattress with all other mattresses.

Specialty: It has got 64 firmness options for each sleeper to choose a perfect mattress for any individual. It allows you to personalize the firmness and support as per your height, weight and sleep positions.

Return Policy: You can get the 100-Night trial and if you aren’t having satisfactory sleep then Morphiis offers you return policy. They provide free shipping & return.

9. Zombie Bed Mattress:

Best mattress Zombie Beds

Best mattress Zombie Beds

Zombie Bed provide a high quality mattress that are designed to get good sleep. According to them, a good sleep means that you are dead when you sleep, and should wake up alive with great enthusiasm. And thus to make you such a live person they provide the high quality mattress with affordable price.

Specialty: The mattress is made up of the high-density foundation, soft polyurethane, micro coils, and cool gel. They offer 10 years of warranty.

Return Policy: You can get a 100-Night trial and if you don’t like the mattress then you are free to return it and you will get 100% refund.

10. Layla Sleep Mattress:

laylasleep mattress

laylasleep mattress

Layla offers one of the cool mattress with copper infused in the mattresses, it is not only used to keep the mattress cooler but also provide a cleaner sleep. Each and every mattress is very comfortable and supportive to hips, shoulders and back. With all the latest technologies we build a better, cooler and high quality mattress.

Specialty: Layla offers two comfort levels in one i.e. each and every mattress comes one side soft and one side firm, you flip the mattress as per your requirement. They offer a lifetime warranty.

Return policy: You will get a 120-Night trial with free shipping and returns.

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