What you need to know about shopping online during the coronavirus crisis
  • 23 Apr, 2020
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What you need to know about shopping online during the coronavirus crisis

The novel corona virus has taken the world by storm and everything has drastically changed as a result. Many shops have closed down, people have lost their jobs and nothing seems to be happening at the moment. Retail businesses seem to have suffered the worst blow and many people have closed down as the best thing to do while others keep on fighting.

The truth is at one point in time people will need to do some shopping and hence the need for online shopping. As a matter of fact, there are reports that online sales have gone up by about  twenty five percent with the onset of the corona virus. This means that many people now opt to shop online than going to the physical stores. Even while many of us now prefer to do our shopping online, there are still so many things and questions running through our minds. For instance,

Should I be shopping online at all at this time?

We have all seen the effect that the virus has had on the entire world. For that reason there are so many concerns and fears about shopping for goods.  There are fears that getting goods online can potentially be increasing the exposure and spread of the virus. On the other hand, we cannot deny the fact that shopping is important for all of us and most importantly it’s the only way to keep businesses running.

Many businesses and brands would be losing money and firing employees if they closed down. However, they still have a chance of standing on their foot through online retailing. With that said, there is no problem with online shopping as long as all the people responsible take due care. We are not juts promoting the local brands but we are also helping businesses to stay on top of their game and avoid closing down indefinitely.

Think of all those people who are still able to keep their jobs and feed their families in the midst of this pandemic. Furthermore, infectious diseases experts consider online shopping safer that physically buying from a store. This only goes a long way to back up the fact that there has been a tremendous surge in online shopping in the past few months after the beginning of the corona virus.

Is it safe to receive packages?

I wouldn’t say that its unsafe to receive packages and order clothing online. The truth is there are fewer changes the virus would survive the shipping and transit all the way to the time it gets to your doorstep. There is a great possibility it would die along the way but you still have to take extra precautionary measures just to ensure you are safe. There are thing you can do as the buyer to make sure you do not contract and spread the virus to your loved ones.

For starters you might want to just sanitize the package before you cut it open and even your hands after you have handled it. When receiving clothes especially from second hand retailers, wash them first before wearing. The simplest thing to do is wash your hands really well with soap after handling a package from any retailer. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

Are the current conditions safe for workers?

If you have been watching the news lately, then you definitely know how fast the corona virus has been spreading in the countries across the world. Many brands and businesses are doing their best to assure customers of the safety of their employees. For instance, many have been sent home for the purposes of self quarantine and social distancing. Aside from that, packages have to be properly sanitized before the order is sent to the customers.

The package fulfillment facilities have to adhere to all the sanitary precautions required at the moment of the corona virus pandemic. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to the safety of the workers. Any company found to not have been following the set rules and protecting its workers from contracting the virus will definitely face disciplinary action.

Many governments are quite serious about preventing the spread of the corona virus. That’s why many of the businesses are doing the best they can to protect their employees and avoid any issues such as having their business permits revoked.

If am shopping online, where should I order from?

There so many online stores that you can do your shopping but at this time of crisis, you have to be extra careful and thoughtful or where you shop. One important thing you need to consider is the fact that you doing shopping is supposed to be a way of supporting businesses out there. This way, they don’t go out of business. Many of us would definitely opt to shop at Amazon is the best option.

Well, it’s a reliable retailer and you can rest assured you will get whatever it is you ordered for in sue time and also in the best condition. On the other hand, there are other brands and retailers that you need to support. There are business owners who are anxious and don’t think they will be able to make through this crisis. Without good sales, the owners will not be able to pay their employees and most importantly support their businesses.

Therefore, as you can see there is a possibility of having very tough times ahead.

Should I be spending money shopping for clothing at this time or is it a bad decision?

well, the issue is many of us don’t the sense of buying clothes that we won’t even get to wear and step out of the us. The decision to buy or not is entirely in your hands. However, keep in mind there are small businesses and designers who are looking up to you for support.  Besides, all anything you buy right now you can keep up until all this is over and wear it.