Earth Breeze review
  • 06 Jun, 2022
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Earth Breeze review

More and more companies are proclaiming that they are carbon-free and doing their part to adhere to a policy of producing zero waste.

How can customers be sure that their family is safe when using standard brands of laundry detergent, even though these brands state that their products are safe?

What about all of those different chemical substances? The encouraging news is that in today's world, we have more options available to us than at any time in the past.

To be confident which items are best for both us and the environment, however, still requires more time and effort than the majority of customers have available. Let's get into more detail about Earth Breeze so that we can find out more about it.

Who Is Earth Breeze?

Jon Wedel started Earth Breeze in the year 2019, when it was first established. Although their distribution center is located in Oregon, their crew is comprised of people from all over the world.

Earth Breeze is a corporation that takes social responsibility seriously. They provide one percent of the earnings from the sale of each product to organizations working to preserve the natural environment.

And with each transaction, it makes a donation of ten wash sheets to people in need, including shelters for victims of domestic violence, veterans of the armed forces, and first responders. This implies that purchasing Earth Breeze is a great way to give back to those in the community who are less fortunate.

In addition to this, they have been acknowledged for their commitment to environmentally responsible business practices by a variety of environmental advocacy organizations, such as Green America and Organic Consumers Association, among others.

When it comes to advocating for the environment, Earth Breeze does what it says it will do, from planting trees to cleaning up the seas.

Earth Breeze is a member of 1 Percent for The Planet, an organization whose members donate 1 Percent of Their Total Sales to Community Organizations That Help Improve Both the Physical and Social Environment.

Earth Breeze has partnered with the organization We Are Neutral to ensure that any carbon emissions produced during the manufacturing, operations, or delivery of their products are fully compensated for by donations to environmentally friendly causes.

How Do Earth Breeze Work?

The Earth Breeze Detergent Strips are designed to work with the water that is already present in the washing machine. After placing half of one, one, or two sheets in water, they dissolve completely. This process can be repeated as necessary. They perform cleaning in a manner that is comparable to that of other detergents.

When used in a washing machine, laundry detergent sheets work most effectively when they are placed in the drum of the machine rather than dispersed through any detergent dispensers. It should be put in the drum before the clothes are added.

What Products Does Earth Breeze Make?

Dissolvable detergent sheets made by Earth Breeze are pre-measured, extremely sustainable, dye-free, and environmentally friendly. They are produced by the company Earth Breeze.

In contrast to liquid detergent or powders, the environmentally friendly detergent strips produced by Earth Breeze are derived from natural, plant-based components. By using those, you can cut down on the amount of chemicals and trash produced by your laundry.

They limit the amount of garbage that is leached into the water supply because they are not filled with synthetic chemicals. This makes life easier for everyone. A few more details concerning their laundry sheets are as follows:

        They may be used in either hot or cold water.

        They are available in two different varieties: fragrance free and with a fresh scent.

        Each box has 30 strips and can be used for up to 60 loads of laundry. One-half of a sheet is sufficient for the cleaning power of a conventional full load.

        These sheets are compatible with all types of washing machines, even high-efficiency models. Because Earth Breeze products are not tested on animals and do not contain any animal byproducts, purchasing them allows you to contribute to the protection of animals from needless suffering.


        The price of each load is only $0.33. When you sign up for their monthly membership plan, this price drops to just $0.20 per load, which is a significant savings.

        In my tests on both whites and colors, I found that Earth Breeze was among the top two detergents.

        The sheets are gentle on the skin and do not cause irritation or an allergic reaction.

        Earth Breeze offsets any carbon output by packaging their laundry strips in compostable cardboard.

        These sheets are effective in both cold and hot water.

        These detergent strips are cruelty-free and suitable for vegans.

        The production process of Earth Breeze laundry sheets does not result in the generation of any waste plastic at any stage, beginning with manufacture and continuing through delivery to your home.

        They donate 10 loads of laundry detergent to charity for every package of Earth Breeze that is purchased, including donations for those who lost their homes in recent wildfires.

        One percent for the Planet is an association whose members promise to give one percent of their revenue to nonprofit organizations that advocate for the environment. Earth Breeze is a member of this organization.

        In addition to their participation in other environmental protection activities, Earth Breeze plants one tree for every 100 social media followers.

         Earth Breeze offers carbon-neutral, plastic-free packaging and free shipping on any order to any location in the world.


Earth Breeze is a relative newcomer to the industry.

Why Earth Breeze Over Traditional Laundry Detergent?

The majority of laundry detergents contain a variety of compounds that are potentially hazardous to both human and environmental health.

Earth Breeze not only comes in packaging that is safe for the environment, but it also provides an eco-friendly alternative by using only natural, dye-free, vegan, and earth-safe ingredients in their products. This helps to keep your clothes clean and fresh while also contributing to the well-being of the planet.

In addition to this, they are heavily involved in environmental advocacy and their primary focus is on reducing the carbon footprint of the entire planet. When you purchase these strips, the company will provide a donation of 10 loads of laundry detergent to a cause of YOUR choosing on YOUR behalf.

How Much Do They Cost?

Earth Breeze’s pricing is very simple.

Laundry Detergent Eco Sheets: One pack for 60 Loads

A one-time purchase of one 30-sheet package costs $20. 

Earth Breeze Eco Sheets: 12 Packs

The Earth breeze Eco Sheets 12 Pack may be used for the same number of loads as 720 standard sheets and costs $120. If you sign up for their service, you could end up saving up to forty percent of your money. After signing up for the subscription service, the cost of the Laundry Detergent Eco Sheets for 60 loads is only $12.

Who Should Use Earth Breeze?

Consider using Earth Breeze Liquid less Eco Sheets for your laundry if you are concerned about your impact on the environment and want to lessen your carbon footprint.

These laundry strips eliminate difficult stains while also reducing pollution and contributing to the fight against climate change. Transform an everyday activity, like doing the laundry, into an opportunity to help the environment and your fellow humans.

Who Shouldn’t Use Earth Breeze?

Earth Breeze is not for you if you are content with the traditional, synthetic detergent you have been using and have no interest in changing your consumer habits in order to obtain plant-based, zero-waste detergent in order to provide the same level of cleanliness to your clothing while also helping the environment.


Earth Breeze is a company that provides environmentally friendly laundry sheets. Their products are one of the most affordable options on the market, costing $0.33 each load, and are packaged without using any plastic. They also provide free shipping all over the world.

They have already been making attempts to rescue the environment, but in addition to those efforts, they have joined with a number of organizations that advocate for the world, such as We Are Neutral (to offset their carbon emissions).

You can purchase your Earth Breeze sheets here if you are looking for a laundry detergent that is not only kind to the environment but also simple to use and eliminates the problems that are caused by needlessly hefty plastic jugs.