Freshly Review: Detailed Expert Take
  • 19 Oct, 2021
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Freshly Review: Detailed Expert Take

If you check the internet right now, there are countless ways of getting dinner in your table with little to no efforts. The easiest and the most popular right now is the Freshly Meals. The service brings prepared meals to your table and you don’t have to cook, just eat. But is this the best service in the market today? Are there any negative reviews from previous freshly meal’s customers? What about their customer service? Are there Freshly Meals coupon codes to help you save money on deliveries today? Read on as we answer all these questions.

What is Freshly Meals?

Freshly Meals is a food delivery service that brings your groceries straight to your doorstep. Freshly Meals’ has more than 200 dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The meals are healthy, delicious and most importantly easily prepared. Just heat it up in the microwave for 2-3 minutes before eating. The company offers dishes from different cuisines such as Italian, Mexican, American and even vegan options?

With the Freshly Meals app, you can create your own menu by picking dishes from their menu. The app also has a list of dishes that are currently trending as well as healthy recipes for those who want to save money on food or lose weight.

How much does Freshly Meals cost?

Freshly Meals offers free deliveries anywhere in the United States if you order more than $49.99. The fee is only based on the time of delivery, not on how much groceries or dishes that you are buying. This is great news for people who want to try out their meals but are hesitant to buy a whole meal.

Freshly Meals’ prices varies depending on what you eat and how much of it. For example, the company offers a breakfast meal for $8.99 and a full dinner with sides for $19.99. If you plan to order regularly from Freshly meals, there is also an option where you can get a discounted price if you order a whole month of food. This option is great for people who live alone or those who are transitioning from eating out to home-cooked meals.

What do Freshly meal’s dishes taste like?

Freshly Meals offers several different cuisines, which means that whatever your tastes may be, you are bound to find something really good. The company has differentiated itself from the other services in the market by giving customers healthy, non-processed ingredients. With Freshly meals, you won’t feel bloated after every meal because they make sure that each dish is made with love and care. Also, there are several dietary restrictions that can be catered with Freshly meals. For example, some dishes are gluten-free and the company also offers vegan options for customers who want to eat a more plant-based diet.

What’s great about this food service is that freshness of the ingredients used really shows in their dishes. They have several different types of pasta, meat, veggies, and seafood. Also, if you are on a special diet, there are several dishes that can accommodate your needs.

How is Freshly Meals customer service?

Freshly meal’s customer service has been praised by several of their customers for being really helpful in resolving issues that they might have experienced with their orders. Several customers have also praised the company for their excellent customer service stating that they went out of their way to make sure that all issues are resolved. The Freshly meals contact number is (844) 985-5463.

Is there a Freshly Meals coupon code?

If you want to save money on your first order, check for Freshly Meals coupon codes on the internet. However, before you do that, it is important that you read several reviews about this food service first. A great place to start your search is through Reddit where you can find a lot of unbiased opinions from customers who have used the service already. Make sure to ask some questions and see if they are able to answer them well.

Freshly Meals is a great service for those who are always on the go and want to eat healthy but are also strapped for cash. With their cheap prices, it is easy to see that Freshly Meal’s can be really helpful especially if you are watching your budget.


How do I contact Freshly meals?

Freshly Meals can be contacted through their website or directly through their customer helpline number. Their phone number is 18443737459.

Where is Freshly Meals location?

Their headquarters are located in New York City, which makes it easy for them to directly reach out to their customers nationwide.

Does Freshly meals offer coupon code?

Freshly Meals offers a special discount for first-time buyers of their services who order more than $49.99. However, it is important that you search for Freshly meals coupons on the internet as they can be found there from time to time.

When does Freshly Meals ship orders?

Freshly Meals ships their packages to customers on Mondays and Thursdays. It is also important to note that they do not offer delivery services, so only the food service will be delivered at your doorstep.

How long does it take for Freshly meals to deliver?

With their speedy deliveries, it is guaranteed that your order will arrive on the day you placed it. Freshly meals also makes sure that their customers get fresh ingredients, so they take it upon themselves to deliver your food freshly packed and ready-to-eat.

How do I cancel my Freshly Meals account?

If you no longer want to avail of their services, all you have to do is call their customer service hotline and tell them that you want to cancel your account. If they ask for a reason, just say it’s in regards to the money and they will honor your request instantly.

Is Freshly Meals available in Canada?

Yes, Freshly Meals has been expanding their business to every part of the world. They currently deliver in Canada but they do not ship their food there just yet.


With all the Freshly Meals reviews and positive feedback about how good it tastes, you can be sure that their dishes are healthy as well as delicious! Their ingredients are carefully sourced, and you can choose what goes into your meals such as gluten-free, low-fat, vegan, dairy-free, and Paleo friendly. You can even be a part of their company by sharing how Freshly Meals have helped you eat healthy on a budget wherever you go! Check this Freshly Meals coupon code to save on your order today.