Full Circle website Review
  • 29 Nov, 2021
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Full Circle website Review

If you are a fruit fanatic or someone that doesn’t like getting off their sofa set to buy fruits and grocery, then you might have heard of Full Circle. The website is known for delivering your fruits and grocery Box, their ease of allowing you to customize your produce and add farm products for specific occasions.  They are known for the wide range of products they offer at an affordable price.

Full Circle delivers your food directly to your door step with little or no hassle as opposed to going out to buy them and having to carry heavy grocery bags back home. You can even choose where you want it delivered from, depending on your location and the availability in the area, and by the way, you can save with Full Circle coupon codes and promo codes.

You can order the subscription of your choice, with every plan having different shipping days and frequency. It is good to know that they offer discounts on bulk shipping when ordering for more boxes in a week.  Other than fruits and veggies you can also add cheese, yogurt or meat products to your box; it all depends on what you want in your box.  You can also add on farm products to the box, depending on what you need for special occasions or just to stock up on that particular product which you love. With all that information, you might easily be convinced to buy from them. But before you take that bold step, there's a lot you are supposed to know about the online shop.

Full Circle Overview

Full Circle was formed in 1996 with just a single farm near North Bend. The company has been embracing quality, safety and sustainability with each box delivered.  You can also get a glimpse of the farms where your produce come from by going to their website. Full Circle is an online retailer of organic food, locally-grown produce and farm products. They are committed to offering the freshest foods at reasonable prices, sourced from local farms throughout the USA.

Buying on Full Circle Benefits?

 The company provides customers with convenient access to fruits and vegetables grown according to strict standards for organic purity while promoting the health and well-being of society.

The website has grown since then to offer a wide range of products for many customers because they are constantly conducting market research to understand what their clients want.  They also have created innovative solutions

Full Circle offers a wide range of fresh produce from different farms all over USA, you just have to choose from their extensive produce list and select the ones you want in your box.  If you feel like adding something other than produce, then it is also an option for you to do so.

The vegetables are grown organically without the use of any pesticides or insecticides as they believe that these products can be harmful to your health.  They also ensure that the fruits and veggies are picked fresh and delivered on time without any delay.  Customers can get a glimpse of where their fruits and veggies are coming from by going to the farms section of the website. 

The professional staffs at Full Circle website carry out rigorous safety testing on all produce before it is packaged for customers, in terms of USDA standards.   They ensure that the produce is safe for consumption.  They also use an on-line tracking system to provide a history of your package on their website, as well as a detailed description of what’s inside the box.

Pros and cons of Purchasing from Full Circle


·         The boxes are priced affordably

·         You can customize your produce when ordering.

·         You can also add on farm products to your box, depending on what you need for special occasions or just-to stock up. 

·         The website offers discounts on bulk shipping when ordering for more boxes in a week. Check Full Circle Coupon codes here.

·         The food is always fresh


·         Cancellation of subscription is also available upon request.  But you have to pay for the whole period that was already subscribed from your credit card.

·         Shipping is only dedicated to USA residents, but shipping rates apply to all countries except Mexico and Canada. 

Is Full Circle good value for your money?

The answer is yes!  Although there is no offer for free boxes per month, they offer discounts when you subscribe to more than one box.  Shipping is also only dedicated to users within the USA with shipping rates applicable worldwide except in Mexico and Canada.

Full Circle Customer Service review

Customer service is available 24/7 through phone, email or chat. It is also available via the live chat feature on their website.  They have been able to provide a positive customer service experience for most customers.

Full Circle Reviews by Users

Here are some of the full circle reviews from users found online on Trust Pilot:

"The organic produce has been absolutely wonderful, and I get tired of cooking 2-3 veggies a night for my family, so this is a big help!"

"I've loved having the organic produce come to my door each week! I love that its all local and certified organic."


Is Full Circle Legit?

Yes! Full Circle is Legit because: They provide an extensive list of organic produce and other farm products for users to choose from. They also offer premium quality services at reasonable prices. The organization has been providing reliable services since 1999 to its customers worldwide.

How much does it cost?

The minimum cost to get one box of produce is $39.99 each week, and you can also use the coupons at checkout to get discount on multiple boxes.

Do the boxes have references to make sure you are getting what you pay for?

Yes, they do actually.  They offer a wide range of produce which is helpful when picking out your own fruits and veggies. They also provide information on where they are coming from, so it’s easier for customer to trace their products.


With Full Circle coupon codes, you can get great discounts on your purchase. The service they offer has always created positive feedback from other customers. It is a good value for your money as you get fresh produce from local farms delivered to your doorstep.

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