Linux Foundation Training Review: What does the training entail? Is it worth it?
  • 24 Feb, 2022
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Linux Foundation Training Review: What does the training entail? Is it worth it?

In this Linux Foundation Training Review, you will learn more about the courses offered by this training foundation, the foundation, and much more.

Today, it is easy to learn any course you would like online, and that is what Linux foundation is all about, offering different courses and certifications. But is it worth enrolling in the course? We find out more.

What Is The Linux Foundation Training?

Established in 2000 as a merging of Open source Development Labs and the Free Standards Group, the Linux Foundation is a non-profit technology cooperative devoted to open source development. Linux is a free operating system that supports, hosts, and promotes open-source software projects.

The Linux Foundation carries out numerous projects in software, climate financing, open-source technology, and so on.

Among its numerous activities is the provision of training and certification on various themes and software. Earlier this year, Linux announced a partnership with EdX to provide Massive Online Open Class (MOOCs).

Beginning with Introduction to Linux, Linux launched a slew of other courses in areas such as DevOps, Cloud Foundry and Cloud-Native Software Architecture, Apache Hadoop, Cloud Infrastructure Technologies, and OpenStack.

These courses were later followed by a slew of others in DevOps, Cloud Foundry and Cloud-Native Software Architecture, Apache Hadoop, Cloud Infrastructure Technologies, and OpenStack. Throughout these years, Linux has been at the vanguard of efforts to democratize access to information and technology.

Linux Foundation Projects review

The Linux Foundation offers several initiatives for businesses under their umbrella and provides advanced Linux training. A firm can host or launch a project with the Linux Foundation, with as few or as many developers as it wishes, depending on its needs.


The organization manages many different types of initiatives, including community projects, community + funding projects, and umbrella funding projects.

Training at Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation is always available to help enterprises and businesses learn more about how to use open-source software to create new opportunities, products, and experiences for their organizations.

Linux courses are accessible in various topics and price ranges, allowing you to find a solution for every requirement or budget. Linux has been extremely effective in making Open Source Training accessible to everyone with a range of training approaches. Some of them are as follows:

Online Self-Paced course

This course offers both paid and free payment alternatives, making it a cost-effective approach to learning practical skills while also saving money.

This is in addition to offering unrivaled flexibility in that you may study at your own pace, as they recognize that a person involved in the business has a lot of other things to do. As a result, you have the choice to learn from anywhere in the world.

Public Instructor-Led classes

In open-source training programs, instructor-led courses have proven the gold standard. So, what this entails is in-depth training with a live instructor who can readily explain complex concepts or places where you have questions, as well as specific queries, to ensure that you can immediately apply your new knowledge to your selected sector.

Custom Corporate Classes

Regardless of what you need, whether it's a single course to get your team up to speed or an ongoing training program for your entire firm, you can count on Linux Foundation to get the job done.

Contact the staff as soon as possible, and they will be more than happy to assist you and inform you about their bespoke corporate training alternatives that are best suited to your company's needs and objectives.

Linux Foundation Courses and Pricing

The Linux Foundation training offers a wide range of courses to pick from. The following are the Linux foundation courses and their prices:

·         Developing Applications for Linux ($3150)

·         Linux Kernel Internals and Development ($3150)

·         Developing Linux Device Drivers ($3150)

·         Kubernetes for App developers($3150)

·         Linux Security ($2950)

·         Linux Performance Training ($2950)

Linux Foundation courses

It is an important point to mention that the company is not solely focused on Linux; they have expanded their scope to include new projects such as Kubernetes, and they have also expanded their training courses, which now include a wide range of the most in-demand courses centered on some fantastic careers in the technology world.

For more information on which course is the greatest fit for your career goals, visit their "Plan your Training" website, which will undoubtedly assist you throughout the process.

Cloud computing, networking, system administration, Linux kernel development, Embedded Linux development, containers, and a slew of other fields are among the many options available. Now is the time to go out and choose your ideal solution.

Certification at Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation has been working closely with open source project communities worldwide to provide relevant, respected, world-class, and hands-on certifications to all of the technology professionals around the world to assist them in boosting their respective companies' bottom line.

That Linux provides certifications for today's most in-demand technologies and that their involvement goes far beyond that; this is their vision, which makes them stand out from the crowd.

Since then, they have served as host sites for projects developing these technologies and providers of resources and personnel to ensure that these development communities remain healthy while striving toward the goals for which they were established. As a result, when it comes to bringing this issue to a close, no one is as close as the Linux Foundation itself.

Linux Foundation Tutorials

There are a variety of tutorials available at the Linux Foundation that can be extremely beneficial in expanding your career opportunities and brushing up on your capabilities and skills. Take a look at these examples:

1. How to search for Files from the Linux Command Line

The find command will be covered in this section, which will allow you to locate files on your Linux servers and desktops without using a graphical user interface.

2. Getting Started with Kubernetes is Easy with Minikube

Those unfamiliar with the Mini Kobe should know that it is an all-in-one solution that can be used to get started with Kubernetes quickly.

3. An introduction to the SS Command

You can learn how to use the SS command to gather information about your Linux machine and monitor your network connections' status in this section.

4. How to install and Use Docker on Linux

You will learn how to quickly and easily install Docker on Linux and how to get started with the first steps of working with the Docker software. And this would simplify the entire process in a way that would appear to be far more convenient to incorporate into your workflow.

To assist in advancing open-source sustainability, security, and diversity, the Linux Foundation has launched the Community Bridge program. This has been a source of empowerment for developers all over the world.

With financial and intellectual resources, infrastructure, services, events, and training, the Linux Foundation helps to build sustainable open source ecosystems. It is the largest shared technology investment globally, with over $1 billion invested in the Linux Foundation.

Why Choose Linux Foundation Courses?

The Linux Foundation curates courses and training programs developed and taught by expert instructors, the majority of whom are well-known and respected developers in the open-source community. The Linux Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the open-source community.

Their certification team also carries out a comprehensive job and industry analysis to ensure that every professional certification program offered on their platform meets the exceedingly high standards required by the information technology industry today. This is to ensure that you receive the services you have paid for.

The incredible customer success team further enhances this at the Linux Foundation, which assists the team in providing responsive support and customized training solutions to every individual who joins them, allowing them to succeed in their respective businesses, no matter what they may be.

Therefore, you cannot be accomplished alone such a huge task; however, they have a global network of authorized training partners at their disposal. They can deliver training in more locations around the world with their assistance.

If you are unsure or have second thoughts about enrolling in the more advanced courses they have curated, they have partnered with to provide you with over a dozen free online foundational courses in some of the most in-demand technologies to make learning technology more accessible to all.

They have also teamed up with to provide over a dozen free online foundational courses in some of the most in-demand technologies to make learning technology more accessible.

After all, is said and done, the company is your first stop if you seek an online learning environment that will provide you with high-quality courses that will help you advance your career while also brushing up on your technical knowledge.