Anthem Athletics Review
  • 21 Apr, 2022
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Anthem Athletics Review

Anthem Athletics is an exceptional and exciting young fight brand that is now on the market, and it has a lot of potential.

The company is based in the United States (North Carolina) and carries a fantastic assortment of mixed martial arts (MMA) products as well as high-quality Muay Thai gear at competitive costs.

I first became acquainted with the brand in 2016, when I was looking for suitable Muay Thai shorts for larger-framed individuals. This was a company that came highly recommended by a number of people in forums and online reviews at the time.

I bought two pairs of their Muay Thai shorts just to try them out, despite the fact that I'm on the smaller half of the spectrum. Let's just say that I'm impressed enough with their product that they've become one of my most recommended brands when it comes to Muay Thai shorts in general.

About the Company

It all started in 2015 when a small group of creators came together with a single goal in mind: to design, create, and offer premium fight gear that is a blend of stylish, high-quality and well-fitting, as well as reasonably priced and high-performing.

A limited selection of fight gear and apparel is now available in the company's inventory, including boxing gloves, BJJ Gis, mma fight shorts, rash guards, shin guards, tees, and of course Muay Thai shorts. The company's inventory also includes Muay Thai gi and Muay Thai shorts.

While modern business practices place a strong premium on self-promotion, the AA's founders prefer to remain anonymous and concealed behind closed doors.

When I began researching for this feature piece, there was so little information available about them on the web or in social media that I decided to send them an email to see if I could elicit some information that I could use in this story.

I was interested in learning more about the company's social media marketing plan, and it turns out that there isn't one in place.

In addition to functional training, Anthem Athletics manufactures high-performance clothes and equipment for use in combat sports such as mixed martial arts, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, and other combat sports.

Anthem Athletics believes that the human body has an upper limit to its potential. In contrast to the typical majority, Anthem Athletics designs for the exceptional few. Product development and testing at Anthem Athletics ensures that their products are suitable for the most demanding sports competition.

We at Anthem Athletics feel that we have created some of the top performing apparel on the planet through the use of ultra-high grade materials, sophisticated production techniques, and clean designs. It is our goal to either produce the greatest product available or nothing at all.

About the Products

Despite the fact that Anthem Athletics goods are conceived, developed, and tested in the United States, they are now handcrafted in Pakistan, Latin America, and China, unlike the vast majority of Muay Thai brands.

Anthem Athletics strives to provide a one-of-a-kind blend of style, quality, pricing, fit, and performance in their products. We collaborate with a small number of carefully chosen factories that are entirely devoted to this purpose, regardless of their location."

The fact that they collaborated with manufacturers outside of Thailand appears to have resulted in something that is both aesthetically pleasing and distinct from their Thai counterparts.

At least in the case of their Muay Thai shorts, which are the products with which I am most familiar? Furthermore, the American brand is more in tune with the needs of its own citizens.

As a matter of fact, Anthem Athletics continues to be one of my most highly recommended Muay Thai shorts for the bigger gentlemen in the United States, and they are quickly becoming a best-seller. The Infinity, Reckoner, and 50/50 lines of shorts are designed to fit more closely to American proportions, and they are extremely comfortable around the waist, especially when compared to conventional Thai shorts, which can be uncomfortable when worn too closely to the body.

The fact that you can simply toss their shorts in the washing machine without having to worry about them falling apart is another appealing feature for me.

However, don't let this detract from the reality that AA is much more than a brand of Muay Thai shorts and tees.

In their product catalog, you may discover nearly every piece of training equipment as well as solutions for all of your training needs.

Where can you get Anthem Athletics products?

Purchases of Anthem Athletics products can be made through,,,, and, among other places.

The worldwide shipping program offered by allows for shipping to nearly every country in the world. Traditional 3rd party retailers, as well as brick and mortar stores, are not available for purchase.

Keeping prices as cheap as possible without losing quality is Anthem Athletics' primary priority, as is responding quickly to changes in the market. Selling through channels that we have complete control over allows us to accomplish this.

Anthem Athletics is a popular brand that sells well on Anthem Athletics has received more than two hundred customer reviews, earning it a particularly high rating of 4.83 stars, suggesting that the vast majority of customers are extremely satisfied with the things they purchased from this business.

In particular, they sell sports & outdoors, apparel & footwear, and jewelry products through its Anthem Athletics and 5th Industry brands. At the moment, they have twenty-seven products available for purchase, some of which are eligible for Prime shipping. Anthem Athletics has an average price of approximately $32 for all of their products.