Why Do You Choose HostColor Cloud Servers?
  • 24 Jun, 2020
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Why Do You Choose HostColor Cloud Servers?

HostColor.com has been on the market since 2000. It is a middle-sized Cloud Server Hosting provider that offers bulletproof IT infrastructure and flexible terms to its customers. Most importantly Host Color has commitment to to provide small and medium businesses with on demand Cloud Infrastructure and custom-tailored Web Hosting services at much lower cost than major Clouds. There are 5 reasons to for the SMB owners to move their websites, apps and services to HostColor Cloud.

1. No Hidden Charges. No Overcharging

Unlike AWS or Azure, HostColor doesn't charge for "Data Transfer Out". You get certain amount of data transfer as a part of your service plan. The lowest possible data transfer quote included into a Cloud Server plan is 2TB (2000 GB) data transfer. You don’t pay for them, they are Free of charge. On AWS they cost around $107/mo (on a1.medium plan).

On Azure they cost around $106/mo (on A1 v2 plan). When you use HostColor there is no unpleasant surprises in your monthly service bill. You pay what you purchased! The whole service model and terms of the "Major Clouds" is created to abuse your account financially and to charge you as much money as possible. You pay 3 to 4 times more on AWS or Azure compared to HostColor Cloud (HCC) and this is only the beginning of your financial struggle.

The so-called “Major Clouds” charge you also for IOPS, so you never know how much money you will be forced to pay to them at the end of the billing cycle. Look at this very precise Cloud Hosting Comparison table to find out how Host Color fares against AWS and Azure. Then think about it! Use HostColor.com if you don't want to avoid being overcharged on Cloud services!

2. Lightning-fast, Secure Storage

HostColor Cloud offers NMVe, SSD and SATA Storage delivered from a Storage Area Network (SAN), which is both very fast (delivers more than 600K random IO/second for high IOPS) and reliable. Each storage appliance has redundant data controllers, which eliminate the downtime and safeguards your data in any circumstances. You still must make backups, but to honestly, even if you don’t do it (which would be a bad decision anyway), Host Color has taken all the necessary steps to prevent data loss..

3. No Cost On Technical Support

On HostColor you don't pay for Cloud infrastructure technical support. The "Major Clouds" like AWS and Azure charge $100 or more per month for server-side technical support. HostColor.com provides Cloud infrastructure technical support 24/7/365 for free!! HostColor's customers pay only if they need a Managed Services.

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4. High Availability Hosting & Cloud Servers

For only $40/month in the U.S. and €39.95/month in Europe you get Hight Availability Cloud Server. Why Hight Availability (HA) is important? Because it reduces any possible downtime, result of a failure of the Operating System (OS) inside your Cloud server or any outage of the underlying infrastructure host. If, for any reason the OS of your server blocks - this could be due to load on the machine of any particular application - your Cloud Server will restart automatically and return online very fast. This will save you a lot of time on system administration and lot of money!

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5. Cloud Server Hosting with 100% Uptime!

You can get Cloud Server with 100% uptime from HostColor.com and HostColorEurope.com. Just choose the Automated Fault-Tolerant (AFT) Cloud option. This is a no hassle enterprise grade solution, which is now affordable! The Fault-Tolerance provides continuous availability for applications in an event of an Operating System failure or a failure of the underlying physical infrastructure host.

This is a bulletproof Cloud service with 100% uptime guarantee. How AFT works?

It creates a live shadow Cloud server (Failover Machine), which is fully synchronized and always up-to-date with the primary one. In an event of a hardware outage or an Operating System failure result of overload, the AFT automatically starts the failover Cloud server and move the operations there. This ensures zero downtime and prevents service interruption and data loss.

What is the cost of the Automated Fault-Tolerant Cloud?

As it consists of 2 mirrored servers, not one, it is double the price of the High Availability Cloud server. In other words a Cloud server with 2 CPU Cores, 4 GB RAM, 100 GG SATA Storage and 3 TB data transfer will cost you $174/month in the U.S. and €151.80/month in Europe. This is the cost of an ultimate reliability that give you a competitive advantage. If you need to get a Cloud server with the above specifications on AWS and Azure, prepare to pay between $/€ 600 and $/€ 1000 per month, depending on the location.

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Finally, the HostColor.com Cloud Servers starts as low as $20/mo. On HostColorEurope.com they start at €17.95/mo. Use discount code MYNEWCLOUD to pay 20% less on signup. The discount code applies also to all Cloud Servers plans.