Tail Activewear review for women's Active Apparel: Golf & Tennis
  • 16 Mar, 2020
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Tail Activewear review for women's Active Apparel: Golf & Tennis

The competition in the lifestyle and clothing industry has increased tremendously in the recent years, there are many companies venturing in the same market and offering similar products. This has brought confusing in the market because of the existence of some scam websites.

For that reason, we will today review one of the most popular lifestyle and clothing store we have in the market which is Tail Activewear. We are also going to help you save significantly as you shop online with the use of Tail Activewear coupon codes and other promo codes.

What is tail Activewear?

Tail Activewear is a company that was founded forty five years ago. This company has been on the forefront of delivering the best option when it comes to fashion and lifestyle. It has not moved from the path of giving their customers quality fashion clothes, good styling, very good and all sizes, and the best technical fabrication.

The main focus of this company is to serve their customers to their level best and that is why a large percentage of their customers have remained loyal to them. The company can deliver on all body sizes and deliver clothes that are well designed for all these kinds of body types. They have continued the use of fit blocks just to ensure that they have maintained consistent sizing for all that period of time.

If you rock their clothes, you are guaranteed to look more confident because their designing and body fitting is one of the best. The company inspiration for new designs comes from latest fashions and wants to transform them into new classic and good looking clothes that will have you looking gorgeous when donning them. It has been driven for years by the commitment of making their customers look fabulous and be on toes with the latest fashion in all their errands.

What to buy from tail Activewear

What tail Activewear mainly majors on is women clothes. They serve these customers by delivering all kinds of clothes that are motivated by spring forward, five star styles that fit all body sizes, animal print clothes, top golf trends, yoga attires and all travel essentials. Their products are sold in the forms of tops, bottoms, dresses, outwear and other accessories.

It is only at tail Activewear that you can get clothes for any occasion in different unique styles and very good fitting. They are committed to serving women with all the latest fashion wears that will have them looking good any day and in any occasion. Basically, we can say that tail Activewear was created to offer women with the best clothes for different occasions with less strain.

What I liked about tail Activewear

Shopping with tail Activewear is one of the best things that you could be doing to yourself and your money too because at tail Activewear your money is valued. Not only do they value your money but also have various attributes that will make you like them and their products. Some the things that you could be attracted to include;

  1. Good product warranty - I believe this is the best company in terms of the warranty they offer to their products. They offer lifetime warranty on all materials and manufacturing which means that they have trust in the quality of their materials and manufacturing. They serve you with quality because they say if your product fails they can replace it for you. They advise all their customers to follow all the care instructions of these products effectively.
  2. The best customer service - According to the various reviews done by various customers it has shown that these customers were satisfied by the way they were served by the employees of tail Activewear. Customers were also satisfied by the quality they received in the products of this company.
  3. The company offers promo codes and coupons - There are various promotion deals that this company offers to its customers which include; 20% off the first purchase a customer makes at tail Activewear, 20% off the next purchase, buy one get one free on selected tail Activewear products and free shipping for orders that are above a hundred dollars. Check on com for the best Tail Activewear coupon codes and other promo codes.
  4. A very good return and exchange policy - This company accept the return of defective products purchased online within one hundred and twenty days of the original purchase. They offer full refund or an exchange of the defective product.

What I didn’t like about tail Activewear

Everything that has specific advantages must have some disadvantages associated to it which are the things that I didn’t like about tail Activewear. They include;

  1. Inexperienced workers - There are claims from several customers that their customer service experience was awful because they had to deal with inexperienced workers. There were claims also the person answering the service line was very rude to them and sometimes the line was not answered at all even after several times of calling. The company also has less staff.
  2. They do not offer pricing matching and coupons - The company does not offer pricing matching. Price matching is where a company honors a lower price of a product that you might have found in another store, they then sell that product at exactly that lower price. They also do not have any coupons features for their customers.
  3. There is no free return and exchanges - If you have found out that the product delivered to you is damaged or does not fit the size you wanted, it will be upon you to pay for the shipping fees. The company is not liable for the return shipping even if they had offered you free shipping after the initial purchase.

Working at tail Activewear: Tail Activewear Employees reviews

There are several reviews that were done my former and current employees of this company that show us what it is like to work for this company and the value it has to its employees in return. There are reviews that show that there is so much fun working for this company since all the employees relate well with each other and sometimes the company gives them a chance to make some decisions on their own without being directed.

However, there were claims that the company sometimes hires inexperienced staff to help in customer service which ends up messing the customer service reviews from the customers. The working environment is also very friendly and the workers are given great discounts and wages. Generally, all the employees both former and current are happy with how the company handles their affairs except on hiring inexperienced workers and the short breaks it gives them.