Sunjoyshop review
  • 28 Apr, 2021
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Sunjoyshop review

Chances are you have come across SunjoyGroup products when shopping for an outdoor product. In this article, I'll be a review about SunjoyGroup and get to know if it is a legit company and what they offer.

SunjoyGroup which sell their products through is a North America based company specialized in selling outdoor products. Among the famous products sold by this Company is a gazebo that gives your backyard a touch of elegance and the much sought-after shade for lunch breaks or reading outside the pool. They come in various sizes and designs, from portable and fabric-topped steel and wood-framed.


Additionally, the Company also sells any other replacement parts and furnishings for your dream backyard.  From different researches, customers say their products are durable, easy to maintain, and always stylish. More so, the Company aims to offer an optimum customer experience. It is a committed company to offer outdoor manufacturing products which exceed your expectations.

About Sunjoyshop

The brand Sunjoy was established in 2001 and has had a strong influence on the outdoor furniture market and the gazebo market. More Americans trust Sunjoy's because its products are of high standards and craftsmanship than any other company, and Sunjoy has been the leading supplier of gazebos in North America by their trust and repetition.

In order to provide customers with the best and most desirable products on the market, Sunjoy takes immense pride in the manufacture of their products. Sunjoy is a company that produces metal, stone, wood, and wicker goods, each with its team so that there is no lack of sharpness or function in any aspect of each design.

Sunjoy's US-based design team always challenged itself and the status quo of the outdoor mobilizing market. Their season after season, they created original and innovative products, leading the industry with design trends and demanding strict quality control. Sunjoy has continued to be a trusted leader in outdoor products through constant research into design trends and developing a unique, innovative product and quality.

What sunjoyGroup offer

From, you can shop different outdoor, indoor, office furniture, and accessories products. Also, you Sunjoy Company sell décor and lighting products. Other notable products are heating and cooling. These products are meant to make your outdoor experience amazing and enjoyable even during winter.

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All these products come in different colors to suit your preference or even be more than one color for different events. Also, they come in different sizes; whether your home space is small or huge, you can find something outdoor. Some of the products are easy to carry around hence ideal for camping or any other outdoor you love taking part in.

Additionally, the Company offers a colossal amount of replacement parts for a wide range of furniture pieces, ranging from nuts and bolts to large and small canopies.  These parts are all-original replacement canopies manufactured in-house to ensure seamlessness products and durability. There are diverse furniture designs that vary from contemporary to classic artifacts to make your office stand out.

Source: sunjoyshop

If you are looking for an outdoor canopy for your gazebo or any other replacement parts and furnishings for your dream backyard, enquire with Sunjoy Group today. The company products are durable, easy to maintain, and stylish. Sunjoy products are of high quality featuring the latest design and innovation. Enjoy takes pleasure in the craftsmanship of its products and seeks to supply the most desirable and best products on the market for its customers.

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Shipping Policy

Enjoy Company offers free shipping currently to all orders made online through their website. If you are buying from the United States, the shipping time is 7-10 business days.

Return Policy

If you wish to return any product, the Company allows the return within 30 days of purchase. In order to request a return of your goods, you should send an email first to [email protected] Note that certain returns may incur a restocking fee of 15 percent. The returned items are not refundable for delivery and handling.

All items returned must be unused, in good condition, and undamaged. The return is not accepted if the canopy has signs of usage. Discounted items, including items bought by coupons, are final items and are not returnable or exchanged.

When returning the products, the Company requires you to remove all current shipping labels from the box and ensure that the item list included in your purchase is included. Please type in your name and order number on a piece of paper if you don't have the item list, and put it in the box along with your product. Costs for the delivery of outbound and returned goods shall not be reimbursed.


Sunjoy is a legit company if you are still wondering or asking yourself that question. It has been selling outdoor products for almost two-decade now. Their products are also sold in top retailers like Walmart and Amazon.  If you have been looking for outdoor products, Sunjoy offers a range of products, and you will certainly find what you will be looking for. The Company has positive reviews online from its customers. However, there are few complaints about the company's customer care.