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  • 08 Oct, 2020
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What is KiwiCo.Com?

This is a company that is based in 'Kiwi Campus' in Berkley, California. It is named after the common bird-Kiwi. The company was founded by Sandra Oh Lin, in California. Having graduated with a degree in chemical engineering and being an engineer by profession, she had so many fond memories of cool projects that she had been taught by her mother while growing up.

She actualized the memories and came up with KiwiCo, which amazingly gave her insight to develop more of the same by practicing with her kids. They have a good reputation and the products are uniquely idealistic.

Inspiring young innovators plays an essential role in our kids' natural creativity and curiosity—guided by strict principles boosting confidence on kids and making them see themselves more of creators rather than just consumers. They assume the right way in building with blocks, painting pictures, or even solving problems. This makes life more exciting and comfortable as we can spend time building exploring and creating together. It is there to help them develop creative, hands-on projects that shape our style of thinking.

They uniquely keep our kids entertained, occupied. This is not supposed to drain your financial reserves, you can save greatly on your orders with coupon codes, promo codes and Hot deals this coming weekend.  

Is legit?

KiwiCo is legit. They have continually advanced in their ideas and brainstorming, giving their customers the best in a short while. Creativity is top-notch and works continuously to beat the pack. Based on customers' reviews, they are well served and given the right response and on time. Therefore, anytime you want to make the order, do not hesitate. I can assure you that the reaction and the crates are amazingly perfect. It is also a way of building your kid's confidence, especially if they can create by themselves. The site is legal and authorized to give these services to the appropriate age.  

What does sell?

We’re KiwiCo — The Innovation Factory.

KiwiCo focuses on advancing our kids' curiosity and improve their creativity. Over time, they have been able to increase their team and work together with creative designers who help develop the ideas. The designers are top-notch and can come up with thrilling ideas suited for the kids. The brainstorming process is unique, and the ideas keep coming. These projects are so cool and kids can build easily and learn.

They spend approximately 1000 hours designing and testing each crate to ensure it is excellent and comfortable for them. Each box or crate as they are referred to as commonly contains the following:  

  • 2-3 things that your child can be able to build. They include experiments or activities the kids can try.
  • An instructional booklet on how to accomplish each activity or experiment easily.
  • Educational magazine that helps elaborate the concept further and in detail. These include paper activities like mazes, connecting dots, and comics.

  KiwiCo crates

Find the perfect crate

They organized in crates, which consist of all materials and inspiration projects that are age-appropriate themes. The crate is ranked in the following order:

  • Tadpole crate for ages 0-3years
  • Koala crate for periods 3-4 years
  • Kiwi crate that is suitable for 5-8 years of age
  • Atlas crate for 6-11 years
  • Doodle crate -9-11 years of age
  • Tinker crate best for 9-16 years.
  • Eureka crate that is suited for ages 14 years and above.

  How does KiwiCo subscription work?

When joining KiwiCo, you have to subscribe to the service. You have to agree to terms and conditions set, including how you will receive the boxes and the charges. Subscription is either monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly. This means you can prepay for each package. However, it is good to note more extended period subscription offer lower cost due time committed.

The subscription once it lapses it auto-renews automatically, but you still have the option of canceling. This is done by logging into the account and selecting cancel subscription option. Depending on the chosen period of a subscription, your shipment is made ready and on time. But why not opt for a multi-month prepayment package where you can earn a discount.  

What is the cost of monthly subscription on KiwiCo?

Subscriptions are separated on various packages. Depending on the duration you want to subscribe to, the prices vary accordingly. A one-month subscription goes for $19.95 per month. Monthly subscription service can deliver hand-on science and craft projects suitable to kids of 1year to sixteen years. However, it is advisable to make a more extended period subscription, such as yearly ones with a discount. You can equally save with coupons, promo codes and deals from  

How to save money on KiwiCo?

Awesomeness for kids of all ages

The best way to save for a Kiwi Crate is to sign up for emails that sometimes come with an added advantage of exclusive kiwi crate promo codes. You can also go for many months' subscriptions where they have discounts. Keeping an eye on various  coupon codes that they have will save you a lot of time and money. They appear as ads which once you open they can guarantee some discounts and offers.

These ads and Instagram feeds are informative and make them educative and informative to the kids. KiwiCo Coupon codes and other discount offers There are various coupon codes. They have amazing offers and vary depending on the code. It is so unique that they offer and give discounts of 15% to even 50%. One of the coupon providers is

They have been pioneers of a money-saving platform for many years. All their coupons and promo codes are vetted and verified. The offers come in various categories as they can be purchased in different sizes. They have a 40% off the first-month subscription, 15% off for a 3-month subscription, 30% off for Panda crate, and Makers crate. You can also get 30% off for the first-month subscription for the Makers crate. It’s always important to fish for the best methods to save money online. Kiwico just like other online companies gives their customers a chance to save significantly on their subscriptions. Don’t be left behind.