• 15 Mar, 2021
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Inserting Watermarks Online To PDF For Free With GogoPDF

Today, once you post your files online, you cannot entirely own the file you posted if it does not bear any legitimate seal. But, there is a way for you to have full ownership of that file by simply adding a watermark. The purpose of adding a watermark on your files such as PDFs is that other people cannot easily copy your original file.

You can find several online tools to aid your problem of adding a watermark to your PDF files. One of the best available web-based tools that you can use to put a watermark on your PDFs is the GogoPDF. This article will guide you on inserting watermarks on your PDF files using the most straightforward procedure. 

How To Add A Watermark To PDF Online

Inserting a watermark sounds complicated to some. Since you need to have concrete designs on your watermarks, you will undergo an extensive process in doing it. But using the Add Watermark To PDF online tool of the GogoPDF, you can have the entire process easily be done. They have the most reliable and straightforward steps in doing it.

First, you must select a file that you wish to add a watermark on. Once you have chosen a file, you can now place it on their system. After that, you can now select an image or type a text that will represent your watermark. Once you are done editing your desired watermark, you can now press the Add Watermark button.    The next step is you just have to sit and wait until the entire process is finished. It may take a minute, depending on your internet connection.

Once the process is done, you can now download your watermarked PDF file. You can also try to save it on your webmail account! When you already have a PDF file with your own designed watermark, you can have full ownership of your file. The good thing about adding a watermark online using GogoPDF is that all the processes can be done with less effort. Being an expert in using a computer is not required when using this tool. 

How To Personalize Your Watermark

As stated above, GogoPDF has the best available tool for adding a watermark to a PDF file. You can easily insert any text you wish to be your watermark. Also, if you have your design or image, you can insert it as your watermark. Whatever style you have, you can use them as your watermark. Just place the design from your device to the PDF file! 

Security And Privacy 

Some files contain personal and confidential information. Such pieces of confidential information are common among people who worked in the government or a bank. You surely wouldn’t like to compromise your data if you use an unreliable tool to add a watermark on your PDF file.

But using GogoPDF, your file’s security and privacy will never be an issue. Rest assured that once your transactions with GogoPDF are done, they automatically delete your file an hour after. So in terms of security, you can be sure that this tool is your file’s haven.  

GogoPDF Works On Different Platforms

A lot of people use different Operating Systems. The problem with other tools is that they only function with a specific OS. Luckily, GogoPDF operates in different Operating Systems such as Mac, Linux, and Microsoft. You do not need to worry about the platform you use since GogoPDF is a versatile tool.

If you are worried about switching to a different browser to use this tool, well, you don’t have to. GogoPDF works well with multiple browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and even the classic Internet Explorer. Convenience is guaranteed when using this tool since it works on all known platforms! 

Save Your Files Via Cloud System

As mentioned above, all the process of adding a watermark to your PDF file is done online. It is not required to install software or applications. All the processes happened only on the website of GogoPDF. One astonishing thing about doing it online is that it will not consume a larger space on your device.

Also, GogoPDF supports the Cloud System. It allows you to save your files online with no hassle, and it’s free to use! With the Cloud System, you can view your watermarked PDF file with no hassle online. It’s among the many reasons why GogoPDF is a fail-proof web-based tool!


The benefit of adding a watermark to your PDF online is that it is more convenient for the user. GogoPDF has indeed the best tool for adding a watermark since all the steps are straightforward. If you are still hesitant with this tool, you can try to avail of their free trial for a time only!