Calmerry review Online Therapy Platform
  • 12 May, 2021
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Calmerry review Online Therapy Platform

The widespread use of the Internet on a range of devices has made online information and services extremely available. Furthermore, a growing number of businesses, governments, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are using online channels for customer service. Counselling and rehabilitation programs are still not obsolete.

Online counselling services are becoming more common every day. It offers a lot of flexibility for consumers seeking help, in addition to lowering treatment costs. To begin with, trained advisers no longer need to rent bureaux and other support facilities. In addition, it saves the customer time and money spent on services. In their tight schedules, you can also easily create time to meet.

Calmerry is one of the newer, much more tractable online therapy platforms. However, is a trial worth it? We have checked Calmerry for how user-friendly the platform is and how effective therapists and therapy sessions are compared to individual platforms and others. Continue to read the complete review.

What is Calmerry? is one of the latest platforms of online therapy. This has recently been established in the wake of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic by a team of American and European entrepreneurs. They saw that the pandemic was devastating in all aspects of our lives. It had an economical, healthy and mental impact on the world.

While governments deal with the economy and physical health, many people cannot receive the aid they need in mental health. Visiting a therapist in person has become more difficult with lockdowns and people who are safe at home. The demand for online therapy therefore grows, and Calmerry enters this place.

Calmerry, as an online therapy platform, aims to make mental health accessible and convenient online. It provides unlimited online access to many licensed therapists. It is an innovative service. Everyone on the platform would like to assist you and provide emotional support.

You can hold therapy sessions at Calmerry with certified professionals, either via text or video. You can therefore count on Calmerry to help you overcome numerous life challenges and become your best version.

How Does Calmerry Work?

Calmerry works as a subscription service weekly or monthly, with licensed therapists offering sessions to the user. The platform employs a smartphone, tablet or desktop-compatible application or interactive web platform. It allows customers to access their therapist 24 hours a day by means of a messaging service. Users can also book up to 4 30-minute live video sessions with a therapist each month, depending on the subscription plan.

When you register and receive your email verification code, your interaction with the platform starts. As previously mentioned, the survey begins so that you will answer more than a few questions on the platform.

It would be best if you were careful to read them and respond to them honestly. This is important because therapy success depends very much on how well you click with the therapist. To do so, these questions must be answered in truth so that the platform can provide the best information for this combination.

With a maximum of 48 hours, the platform matches you to a therapist as quickly as possible. You may start your real therapy experience when you are coupled with your therapist. The platform is very user-friendly and facilitates the entire experience. It helps to improve the experience, so you don't need to stress how the platform works.

The control panel of the platform will appear on the left. It consists of:

  • Messaging: This tab allows you to exchange unlimited text messages with your therapist. The therapist will certainly not answer immediately, but they will respond immediately with the guidance and help you need.
  • Video sessions: You can check your therapist's schedule, choose an appointment, and attend the video sessions. The number of video sessions you get depends on which subscription plan you choose.
  • Therapy Plan: Here, you can review your therapy regimen, plan and learn more about the options available to you.
  • Helpful tips: This includes useful information that contains tips and guidelines for getting the very best from online treatment.

Sign-Up process

It is easy to sign up for Calmerry on your computer or by downloading the Calmerry app. An email address and a password will be needed. After that, you'll receive a verification code, which you can use to confirm your account and finish the setup process. An intake interview is a next step, which will be used to fit you with a therapist. If you live in the United States, a psychiatrist in your state will be assigned to you. Based on availability and suitability, international clients would be assigned to a therapist.

You'll be asked basic questions like your age, name, and nickname, as well as a questionnaire about your current issues during the interview. Calmerry looks for signs of depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, eating disorders, trauma, and suicidal thoughts. The intake form will then collect general details about your past therapy experience and your expectations for therapists (i.e. gender and expertise). They also need your phone number before you can proceed.

After you've completed the form, you'll see a screen with a survey overview that evaluates your emotional well-being and forecasted improvement. If you wish to be paired with a therapist, you must first pay for the first week on the payment page. Within a few hours, you will be immediately paired with a therapist.

Before paying, you can speak with a mental health assistant or customer service at any time. They provide immediate assistance with any concerns you may have.

Choosing Therapy Counselors/Therapists: has a large number of counsellors on board, and that number is increasing all the time. The site does not accept any therapist who applies. Until admitting new members, they conduct a comprehensive study.

Both therapists must be licensed and trained, as well as have the necessary experience. Therapists must have a minimum of one year of training. They must also be licensed in their state to provide counselling to citizens of that state. The platform's therapists will assist you with various issues, including depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, sadness, and other issues.

The platform would almost certainly be able to connect you with a therapist who has the necessary qualifications and expertise to assist you in dealing with the problems you're facing. You cannot choose your therapist because the platform does so for you. However, you can easily adjust your therapist.

If you need to change therapists for some cause, you can do so at any time, and the platform will find you a new one as soon as possible.

Plans and Pricing

Calmerry is a subscription program for individual counselling that offers an introductory one-week package and two monthly plans. It's a little perplexing that even their monthly plans are billed regularly, but some people can find that seeing that recurring fee each week motivates them to interact more with their therapist. For new users, they are currently offering a 30% discount on the first month. Calmerry offers the following therapy subscription plans:

  • Therapy Journey Start:  you can start your counselling journey with a week of unlimited messaging therapy with a licensed therapist. The cost is $59.95 per week.
  • Message Therapy: One month of unlimited messaging therapy with a certified therapist but paid on a weekly basis. Messages are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with regular responses guaranteed. Weekly rate: $52.99
  • Message + Video Therapy: One month of unlimited texting with a licensed therapist plus four 30-minute videos live sessions. Messages are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with regular responses guaranteed. Price per week: $89.99

Calmerry encourages everyone to try out the platform with the "Therapy Journey Start" plan and then change their plan as required. Couples therapy is also an option, and it is listed at the same price as individual therapy.