BigCommerce Reviews for eCommerce Solutions
  • 25 Feb, 2020
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BigCommerce Reviews for eCommerce Solutions

Big commerce is one of the most renowned solutions to e-commerce that is currently available to many people. It features among the top five lists of online store builders just like the Volusion and Shopify.

What is Big Commerce all about?

By definition, big commerce can be explained in that it is a paid-for, or in other terms hosted e-commerce solution allowing business owners to set up an online store and then sell their products through this platform. The products are sold online. It can be termed as a software as a service, or rather SAAS product. This means that you can`t own the software but you are obliged to pay a monthly fee so that you can use it.

The products are known to come with a range of customized templates that play a role in helping you in designing your online store. This can be used in selling both physical and digital products. Some tools are always provided so that they can help you in marketing your store. This product has always been targeted at people without much knowledge in the ways of web designing skills.

More developers and tech-savvy users are also allowed to tweak the HTML and CSS of their online stores when using this platform.

Bigcommerce Reviews

Big commerce is among the hosted online store and website building services. Other examples include; Jimdo, Shopify, Volusion and Squarespace. People are always concerned on what would happen if Big Commerce were to shut down or in any way change its feature that is set radically. But they don’t need to worry because you can migrate to another platform.

Many people are not in the position of developing their own online store from the scratch. That is why they will end up using a hosted solution like Big Commerce in running their store. This comes as an advantage because it is among the most established products out there that is so unique. It also has a client roster including Gibson Guitars, Travelpro and Toyota.

What is the pricing of Big Commerce?

It is known to offer a 4 month-to-month pricing plans. They are as follows; Big Commerce Standard at $29.95 per every month, Big Commerce Plus at $79.95 per month, Big Commerce Pro at $249.95 per month and Big Commerce Enterprise. On Big Commerce Enterprise pricing varies depending business requirements. A discount of 50% percent BigCommerce Coupons is usually available for the `pro` and `plus` plans in case you pay for them annually.

It is worth noting that the standard, plus and pro plans are always targeting at individuals and also small businesses. That’s why they are part of the company`s preferred range of products. The Enterprise plan targets mostly corporations and large businesses.

What are the core selling features of Big Commerce?

The features that you will get with Big Commerce will automatically depend on the plan a person will opt for. But we have the most common features that are very important.

They include the following;

  • the integration with a wide range of payment gateways and pay pal
  • -having a choice of twelve templates which are free
  • -having staff accounts that are unlimited
  • -search engine optimization (SEO) features that are very good
  • -having the potential to sell a wide range of goods. They can be both physical and digital goods categorized according to your choice and shipping rates that are also in accordance with your choice
  • -having full content management (CMS) functionality
  • -using Akamai Image Manager for automated image optimization
  • -gift vouchers and also discount coupons
  • -having professional reporting
  • -the integration with several e-mail marketing services. These include; iContact, Constant Contact, Interspire and Mailchimp

What are some of the main differences between the Big Commerce plans?

It is important to know that each plan offers a distinct set of features which we are going to unpack right now.

The Big Commerce Standard

This is the cheapest one which is cheaper than the starter plan offered by others competitors like Shopify. It is also almost the same price as Volusion. This plan can generally be termed as a more comprehensive starter plan than the rest and thus providing; unlimited bandwidth, gift cards, unlimited file storage and a fully functional online store. These are just few mentions.

Big Commerce Plus

Just to add on the core functionality as found on the standard plan, this one provides; customer grouping or segmentation, storage of credit cards, a persistent cart not to mention an abandoned cart saver stool.

Big Commerce Pro

This plan ensures that you get increased sales limit. It is also exceptional in that it has this extra feature known as Google Customer Reviews.

Big Commerce Enterprise

This plan focuses on very high volume of sales and advanced selling requirements

What are the advantages of Big Commerce?

Big Commerce pros

  • -this platform comes with in-built product review functionality
  • -there will be no transaction fees even in that scenario of using a payment gateway of a third party
  • -this platform has a tendency of making selling in multiple currencies to be straightforward
  • -it`s has been very to create custom fields

Big Commerce cons

  • Some of the drawbacks of Big Commerce include:
  • -in this platform you will find themes similar to each other in some cases
  • -the mobile apps using this platform will always require improvements
  • -it`s is very difficult than it should be when locating drop shipping apps on the app store

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, it can be concluded that Big Commerce tends to be one of the strongest online store builder that people have tested so far. Reason being that it is among the most user friendly products that have been encountered so far. Its ability to stand out is the most comprehensive feature set that you get on the level of entry. This makes Big Commerce to be very competitive among other products. The quality of its abandoned cart saver and also its flexibility to product options makes it exceptional.