8 Black Friday Mistakes To Avoid!
  • 13 May, 2019
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8 Black Friday Mistakes To Avoid!

8 Black Friday Mistakes to Avoid

Black Friday is one of the most remarkable dates for the shopkeeper. After Christmas, this is the date that brings the most sales opportunities. So this year, the Integrated Store has prepared a series of posts so that your store is 100% ready to receive Black Friday and extract from it as much as possible for its sales. In today's text,  Blackfridayfree.com cover Black Friday's 8 mistakes so you can identify them, avoid them, and make the date a success in your online store.

What are the main mistakes of Black Friday (and how to get away from them)? T

he following are the main Black Friday mistakes. This list will be divided according to the items that must be observed before, during and after the date. That way, you'll know what to avoid at every stage of this important trading season.

6 Black Friday mistakes to avoid before the date

  1. Do not prepare the service team

It is common that when making a purchase, the customer has some doubts about the form of payment, delivery, details of the product, etc. With Black Friday up in the air, it is expected that more people will be on your site. Consequently, the volume of doubts may increase. The tip is to have a good support team and train it to provide exceptional service. The cat's leap is not to lose sales, healing all doubts that the client has with clarity and agility.

  1. Do not worry about the customer experience

Enjoy the largest amount of visits to your store to show how your brand offers an excellent shopping experience. Remember that a good experience causes the customer to go back to the store and tell their acquaintances.

  1. Do not invest in marketing actions

Not investing in marketing is one of the main mistakes of Black Friday because, without them, how will you advertise your store? How will buyers know what are the benefits of buying at your store during Black Friday? How will they know the offers? Plan a strategy for email marketing, campaigns on social networks, ads, etc.

  1. Do not do a price study

Another big mistake is not to look very carefully at the promotional prices of the products. Black Friday is about offers, yes, but you have to be very careful not to be at a loss. Knowing what discounts can be granted is critical to your Black Friday bringing good fruit, not the other way around. Learn more about the subject in the post More promotions and less losses in your online store .

  1. Do not improve the technical part of your site

Imagine the following scenario: you worked hard to bring even more people to your store, prepared an excellent catalog of products, increased inventory, offered the best conditions, increased the customer service team, and when the visitor entered your site, discovered that he was slow or out of breath. The increase in accesses is not only expected as much desired at this time. You can not forget to enable the technical part of your site to receive more people on your site. It is worth contacting your e-commerce platform to make your website very prepared.

  1. Increase prices and decrease them during Black Friday

This is an obvious but important mistake. Raising prices before decreasing them on Black Friday is an unethical practice and very badly seen by customers and the market. Nothing Black Fraud!

  1. Do not use sales contacts made during Black Friday

With the expected increase in sales of Black Friday, it is common that you have more people in your base of contacts. Be sure to relate to them to encourage your return. Especially considering that after a few days, the race for Christmas starts and you want these people to make new purchases with you.