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  • Nurture Watch Aging in Place Connected Health and Wellness Wearable
  • NurutreWatch - Aging in Place Watch for Seniors
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NurtureWatch is a revolutionary mobile enabled device for Aging in Place and for tracking and locating high risk populations.

NurtureWatch is a global tracking and communication device designed for the elderly and those with special needs. It securely and accurately tracks the user’s whereabouts through GPS technology. It can make two-way calls to family members, caretakers or to an emergency call center.

With the NurtureWatch, you can monitor the user’s heart rate. It has fall detection capabilities and can automatically make emergency calls; giving you peace of mind knowing that at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, help is available with the push of a button.

Whether you need to contact a family member, friend or the local paramedics, everything can be accessed with the NutureWatch.

We Do Seven Things, and We Do Them Really Well
• Fall Detection
• Heart Rate Monitoring
• SOS Button
• Two – Way Calls
• GPS Tracking
• Pill Reminders
• Geo-Fencing

Falls for elderly people can lead to long term hospitalization or worse – Being able to get to a fall victim in a short amount of time is key to success of recovery.

Nurture Watch Helps Detect Falls & Communicate for Help

Heart Rate tells us a lot about our general health and well – being, knowing someone’s vitals can make a huge difference in determining a baseline for health.

Nurture Watch Does Heart Rate on the Wrist, Records & Tracks

Having the ability to let a person in your family or emergency services know that you have had a catastrophic event is the key to saving life’s and reducing treatment and recovery time from an accident.

Nurture Watch has an SOS function that alerts in the case of an accident

Having the ability to make contact with your loved one on a device that they have on their wrist has huge advantages over a standard phone. They don’t misplace the watch and it’s literally on them at all times for two-way calls.

Nurture Watch is a mobile enabled phone that calls can be received on and sent

The ability to track a loved one when feared they are missing is invaluable, GPS tracking allows you to be able to see where your loved one is at all times and give the ability for your family to make sure you are OK without intrusion into your life. Also Geo Fencing Technology built into our application allows for preset area alerts.

Nurture Watch has GPS tracking built in and gives you 24/7 visibility to your loved one.


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