Review of Rachel Zoe’s Box of style
  • 08 Apr, 2020
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Review of Rachel Zoe’s Box of style

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For that reason, we have brought to you a cheaper alternative where you can get $25 for every person you refer, up to 25% off Box of Style by Rachel Zoe Coupons. Other offers include 35% off on specific items and 30% off site wide with Box of style by Rachel Zoe Coupon Code.

What is Rachel Zoe’s Box of style?

Box of style was created by a stylist and a designer Rachel Zoe to serve as a subscription Box of fashion. The business delivers affordable, coveted and fashionable beauty essentials. These essentials are picked by their top customers and the designer himself. The company is highly committed at offering the best beauty products and luxury style. To start, you just have to become a member and you will receive their edit of trending essentials.

The essentials are added after every season and come in a large variety including renowned beauty products and statement accessories. Most women out there haven’t considered buying beauty boxes because they don’t think someone can have a collection that will personally make them happy. As opposed to this notion, many of them have started opting for Box of style as the subscription of their choice because Rachel Zoe has proved them otherwise.

How does Box of style work?

The box of style is a service where you are required to subscribe to become a member. You can choose to become a member seasonally or annually. After becoming a member, you are likely to receive their boxes and also be allowed access to add-on the marketplace. If you haven’t become a member already, you should start by creating an account.

If you are a member already, you will be required to select the log in button on the site and log in using your email and password. You are supposed to update your address or change it if you have moved to a whole new location. If you have to change it, then you are supposed to log in and head to the account section. Under the account, you should go to the billing information where you will see an icon to update the information as needed.

Is Rachel Zoe Box of style worth it?

This is the question many people have in their mind. Most of them think that subscription boxes are not worth it. To answer this question, I had to first of all check what their members are saying about the same. With ease, you will realize that there are many reviews and user comments. Most of their members say it’s an amazing option. One person on Amazon states that this is an amazing value.

She continued to add that she loves the fact that she can really feel put together for $100. Another person states that he really loved the Box but it was bigger than the Jacket. He added that the box could come in two sizes. More reviewers say that they really love the box. One adds that he gave the box to the 30 year old daughter as a gift and she really loved it.

With such reviews, it’s very easy to conclude that the Box of style by Rachel Zoe is worth it. On Amazon, there are more than 50 positive reviews about the same. However, there were few people that complained about one thing or the other. Most of them complained about the sizes and missed shipping. One person says that she purchased the year of boxes for about $350 but only received ¾ of the boxes.

How much is Rachel Zoe Box of style?            

The members’ only price is $99.99 and it has a retail price of $400.

What is Box of Style shipping policy?

I know you now want to know which countries they ship to, when your box will arrive and the cost of shipping. The company ships to the US, Canada, UK and Australia. They also ship to the territory of Puerto Rico. For the spring, the shipping began mid-march. The supper Boxes will be shipped from mid-June, the Fall Boxes will be shipped mid-September while the winter Boxes will ship in mid-December.

The boxes are shipped after the placement of the order depending on your Chic status which is Annual members, style insiders or members. The annual members will have their boxes first, the style insiders will ship after annual members while the normal members will come last.

Box of style by Richard Zoe FAQs How long will I wait for my Box?

The company ships your Boxes very fast. As a matter of fact, they can ship within 2-3 weeks depending on where you are.

What is the return and exchanges policy?

The Boxes of style purchased are final purchases and they are nonrefundable. The company also doesn’t accept any returns of the box of Style, the add-on purchases or individual products. However, if the product doesn’t arrive or the product is damaged, you can contact the company through their customer care.

Can I use promo codes?

Yes, but most promo codes in this company are for new members only. If you want to use the coupon codes, then you can get them from The company also runs promotions for all their current members throughout the year. To get all the information, start by subscribing to their email notifications.  If you have to use promo codes, then you are not allowed to combine promo codes or use a coupon code more than once.

Final verdict

Although people are very cautious with Subscription Boxes, there’s little to worry about when it comes to the Box of style by Richard Zoe. You can refer friends to get $25, you can use promo codes and save through other methods. The company has attracted a couple of reviews from previous and current members. This means all the services and products offered are reliable and high quality.