Privacy Policy

Privacy policy: Introduction Coupon Code Group (CCG) values user privacy on the Coupon code group website (, which is why this Privacy Policy document with important details on the use and disclosure of user information has been developed. ` This policy addresses the mining, use, and disclosure of all the information collected on Coupon Code website and any other business owned and run by Coupon Code Group. It also applies to the use and disclosure of private information collected when users download, install, and use any of the saving coupons and information from the browser extension. The information on this document helps every user make an informed decision on whether to start using, continue using the services provided by the, or opt-out. This policy has also been implemented to provide you with information about and how we collect, use, and disclose your private information. By visiting, using, and checking on any of the services offered here, you agree to the practices detailed in this Privacy Policy. Please take the time to familialize yourself with this policy carefully to digest our policies and practices. If you don???t agree or understand our Privacy Policy, your only decision is not to use this website. The policy may change from time to time, and your continued use of this site after the updates is deemed to be acceptance of the changes and updates. 1. What information does collect from you? We may gather several types of personal data from you and the information regarding subscriptions and about our website uses. The information may be collected when you register, sign up, email us, take a survey, or participate in sweepstakes. This information includes and not limited to: 1.0. The information by which you're personally identified, such as names, email addresses, telephone number, and mailing addresses. 1.1. Information about you but that which doesn???t identify with you directly such as your place or your date of birth, Business phone number, race, gender, age, geographic indicators, and ethnicity, which can be collected through your inputs on the website or through third parties. 1.2. We may also collect information regarding you from third parties, our business partners, or collect your information automatically as you navigate the website. Some of the user information generated automatically includes IP address, information collected via cookies, usage details, and other tracking technology's information. 2. How we collect your Personal Information 2.0. Registering-When registering or signing up to one or more of our services, we may end up interacting to gather information such as your relationship information, contact information, and other personal information such as email, name, gender, and age to help you register. 2.1. Contacting us -When you reach us directly through the phones or the email addresses, we may collect some of the information such as your email addresses and telephone number and other related information in connection with your query. 2.2. Using our service-When using any of the services depicted in the website, we will interact to get your personal information. An example is when tracking your coupons, redeeming your coupons through computers or phones or even when commenting on our platforms. 2.3. Browser extension-We may end up getting some of the information from you through a browser extension. This way, we may track whether you interact with some coupon websites and merchants and also get information regarding your browser and computer information. 2.4. Social media platform-Using our social media platforms would make us collect some personal information from you, such as social media user names and other related information. You may refer to the privacy settings in your phone or computer if you have questions regarding your device's privacy. 3. How coupon code group uses your information All the user information submitted to us through the methods explained above will only be used for the purposes explained below in this policy. Coupon Code Group may use your personal information to: 3.0. Personalize the website for you 3.1. To administer our business and website 3.2. To enable you to get the pertinent services on the site 3.3. Send you non-commercial Information 3.4. Send personalized notifications 3.5. To send our email newsletter, only if you???ve requested 3.6. Send you germane information related to our business 3.7. Provide relevant third-parties with statistical data about the users (The Information sent to 3rd parties will not include your personal information such as name, phone, email, or any other sensitive information. 3.8. Verify personal compliance with our Terms of Service and conditions specified on this website 3.9. Keep our website secure and safeguard it from frauds and scammers 4. Disclosing personal information The personal information you send to us can be disclosed to any of our staff, professional advisers, agents, subcontractors and any other relevant personnel only when need arise. The information can as well be shared and used by any member of our subsidiaries and the ultimate holding company but only when necessary for purposes set in this privacy document arise. Therefore, your personal information can be disclosed: 4.1. In line with any prospective legal proceedings 4.2. To exercise and defend our legal practices 4.3. To any other relevant authority that we???re sure may apply to a court or any other authorities 4.4. To comply with our Terms of Service Besides the above-mentioned ways, we will not disclose your personal information to third parties 5. Security of your Personal Information Coupon Code Group (CCG) takes organizational and technical deterrents and precautions to prevent mishandling, loss, and misuse of personal information from the users 5.0. All the information is securely stored on the secure website servers, which are already password and firewall-protected. 5.1. CCG acknowledges that the transfer of personal information on the internet is insecure, and consequently, we cannot guarantee the security of the data transferred through the internet. 5.2. All the users are responsible for keeping all the passwords and usernames and any other information they use to access our website confidential. No one from our side will ever ask for your password or a code sent to your phone or email. 6. Policy Amendment With time, the Coupon code group (CCG) may amend this policy and upgrade to a new version on this website. It???s upon the users to check the policy frequently to ensure they???re happy with the changes made to this Privacy document. You may get notifications via email or a private message whenever the changes are updated. 7. User Rights and updating personal data Every user has a right to instruct us to provide any personal information held by us only if the provision is subject to:
  • The supply of adequate and solid evidence of the user identity for this purpose
7.1. Payment of a fee Coupon Code Group may hold all the personal information requested by the user to an extent permitted by law. Uses can instruct us not to process their personal data for marketing purposes. Users should also let us know whether the personal information provided to us needs any updating or correcting. 8. How we use cookies and similar technologies This website uses a file containing an identifier (Cookies), which is usually sent by the webserver to a web browser. These cookies may not contain any personal information that identifies a user. Still, it???s important because the personal information we store about you can be linked to the information obtained and stored in cookies. Here are the cookies used on our website and their preferred purpose. 8.0. Google Analytics and Adwords-These two cookies are used to recognize a computer whenever the user visits this website. It helps track the user to improve the security of the website and personalize the website. The cookies are also used to target advertisements or describe purposes, prevent fraud, and improve this website's security. Browsers give users a chance to accept or decline cookies. This means users can block our cookies from Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and any other browser by following the set prompts to ??????Block cookies??????. Note: Deleting and blocking cookies will have a significant negative impact on the usability of these sites. Minors and personal data This website is created for users above the age of 13 years. For that reason, we don???t knowingly solicit or collect data from users under the age of 13 years. If you fall into this category, please do not send, register, or offer any personal information to us. Contact us If you have any comment, or query regarding this Privacy Policy, you can contact us easily through [email protected]