IDN Poker Review

What is IDN Poker?

This is the biggest site of poker that most people don’t know that it exists. It happens to be among the largest sites in this world.

It is great in size due to the fact that its network contains a lot of member sites or rather skins. The largest one is known as

This network was opened in Indonesia in 2011 and according to the year 2018, the company is basically based out of Manila, Philippines.

The Western countries are mostly in the dark realms concerning this site because it only serves Asian countries. In fact, it is accessible to the following countries:

  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
  • Malaysia
  • China
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

What are the Basics covered by IDN Poker?

According to what can be gathered, the game selection on this site is usually very extensive. It spans both industry staples, and also games that are popular in the Asian markets.

This site offers Capsa Susun which is basically a variant of Chinese Poker. This comes as an addition to the traditional and fast Hold`em games. The other available games are two domino games; Ceme and Q-Kick.

According to the report given by Scouting, it is collective that these non-hold`em variants usually draw traffic in comparison to, but not on the level of the network`s hold`em traffic. This seems to be conveying something, considering the fact that PokerScout shows the network to be averaging about 3,400 poker players.

What are the Extras covered by IDN Poker?

The following are the other features that are covered by this site:

  • This site involves tournaments and cash games
  • It has a platform that supports both mobile devices and tablets
  • It is a multi-currency platform having Us dollar listed among its eight options
  • It has a progressive jackpot that is updated in the real-time
  • It basically acts as the central hub for all of the IDN Play products.

What are the other play options managed by this site?

They include;

  • Sports Betting
  • Poker
  • Live Casino
  • Lottery
  • RNG games

How can the traffic impact of this site be measured?

IDN Poker being included on the PokerScout arguably represents the biggest shakeup to the cash game ranking in the latest years.

As granted, PokeStars are known to still hold a nearly 4:1 lead over the IDN Poker. But on the other edge, IDN is overwhelmingly defeating 888 Poker. This site has held position two for the greater part of the recent four years.

On the current situation, IDN Poker`s cash game traffic is almost equal to the traffic counts of the fourth through sixth place sites or networks. These are Ignition, Winamax and Party Porker combined.

Concerning that, IDN`s traffic figures should always come coupled with an asterisk. This means that game stakes prevalence will be heavily weighted toward the lower end. This will be more as compared on their western counterpart sites.

Can IDN Poker traffic be legit?

The traffic legit appears to be legit. According to the Scouting Report IDN Play appears to be very intent on the keeping the play-run bots off the network. In addition to the standard Captcha-style authentication, another level of bot-defeating verification is simply required so as to log in.

The sing-up process is also very tedious. So, in addition to their email, full name and phone number, players will be required to enter their full banking information, and also a captcha.

It is also worth noting that users that have not supplied their banking information from an eligible bank, especially the Asian bank only will not download the client. That’s the reason why, VPNing in to the site from the Western countries appears to be very difficult.

People should also know that this site has received RNG Certification from BMM Compliance Singapore Pte Ltd for its Hold`em games.

What can we get from the emerging online poker market in Asia?

It has increasingly become that if there will be another online poker boom, its origins will be definitely from Asia.

The public numbers currently available from IDN Poker are supposed to serve as an inspiration to the western-serving operators such as PokerStars so as to double down on their efforts.

What are the glimpses of Stars` willingness to incorporate Asian markets as part of its growth strategy?

The following bulletins will give an insight;

  • They have signed 4 Team Pros that are hailing from Asian countries
  • The operator is said to be pushing its Asian Pacific Poker, which is known to have set new turnout records in 2016.
  • PokerStars has also begun holding sponsored live events n the mainland China, though these have been met with some resistance from the Chinese authorities. Gambling is also illegal in china, but it can be seen that that there are ongoing debates as to whether poker will be considered a game of skill and thus being exempted from this type of definition.

Anecdotical evidence seems to suggest that PokerStars only generates a sprinkle of its leading industry traffic from Japan and China. But, there is still a lot of work to be done before Western sites capture the billions of Asian-market residents.


Can IDN Poker be the real deal?

This is a definite YES. We can say that although this site cannot compete with PokerStars` traffic, no one else can compete with it either.

The main traffic usually sticks to the lower end of the monetary level. This can be sometimes lower than any blinds found in the other countries.

The particular programming from this site however makes the play from the western countries to be quite difficult. Players are supposed to submit their account information that includes full bank information from approved list of banks that are mainly based in Asia.

It is worth noting that, BMM Compliance Singapore Pte Ltd has certified this site`s random number generator as genuinely legitimate. And that’s the reason why, we can say that IDN Poker is indeed the real deal. Its second largest poker site in the world is quite secure as for now.


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