The Clean Program: What it is and how it can help you?
  • 28 Jan, 2020
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The Clean Program: What it is and how it can help you?

People always experiment with what they feel they are able to ingest without factoring in all the benefits and the drawbacks of such diets. This is a risky thing to try but now there’s room to change everything within a month. Try a clean program which is a 21-day challenge to eliminate all the foods that are likely to bring allergy reactions and digestive issues.

The program’s main aim is to readjust your body to function without depending on the harmful foods. Some of these foods the program will help you give up are the eggs and intense daily products, veal, Oranges, grains, corn, pork, beef, sausages and many others. The list is long but you will find out within the first days of the program.

This program excludes a certain types of food from your diet to reduce instances of food sensitivity and other issues caused by the food while on this diet. The program believes that some of these foods contains toxic chemicals while others have an acidic effect on the body. Other types of foods are mucus forming and several others are pro-inflammatory and very difficult to digest.

For you to eliminate such foods and end up adopting the best foods for your body, you should take the 21-day clean program. If all these foods are eliminated from your diet, you may wonder, what is remaining. To learn more on this, we should first of all delve deep into what is the program and how it works. With that information, you will be at a position to understand what it takes better.

What is a clean program?

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This program is a 21-day elimination diet according to the information available on their website. The program goes for 21 days and over the course of these days, you will be instructed to take two shakes and eat one meal every day. However, there will be a couple of supplements and probiotics to accompany the changes.

How does the clean program work?

21-Day Program CTA

With this program, you will get all the information on how you can take smoothies, supplements and probiotics for breakfast and a clean diet meal for lunch. The program also advises you on how you can take another shake and additional supplements for dinner or when the need arise.

12-hour window

The clean program suggests a 12-hour window rule. This is a rule that should be applied between dinner and breakfast. With this, the body will be signaled to go on a detox mode. What this means is that if you have your dinner at 7. P.m. you are supposed to have the breakfast at 7 am the coming morning. According to the website, you are also encouraged to take foods like veggies, healthy fats and lean proteins. For the best results, you should dearly avoid dairy, soda, alcohol, coffee, processed foods and gluten.

Will this program work for you?

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You have probably read all the information and now you are wondering whether the program is the best fit for you and your diet needs. To determine this, we are supposed to check what nutritionists are saying. The nutritionists agree that this program is not backed up by any science. Additionally, they agree that the program may help the same a dieting program would. Some of the nutritionists are saying that it’s not a very wonderful program that they would recommend. However, several others agree that the program can help you significantly detox.

The main point in this program is to help you get rid of some harmful foods which are a good thing given that is what most people have problems giving up. The program is also safe and there are minimal concerns about the laxatives and probiotics. This program can be very helpful if you have goals of focusing on whole foods and a more detailed and structured eating plan. The program is also plant-based and gives you full 12-hours overnight fast.

This way, the program helps you to improve metabolism and enhance fat burning. Most nutritionists agree that this program is for those people that want a short-term weight loss. This doesn’t mean it cannot help people with long term weight loss goals meet their goals. Someone can do this easily by taking more fruits even after the 21 days.

Pros and cons of the clean program

This program has a couple of benefits and drawbacks. Most people usually want to familiarize themselves with these benefits and disadvantages before they start the cleanse.

  • Mild detox-The dieters in this case will have to adopt a liquid breakfast and a solid lunch and eventually a liquid dinner.
  • Scientific proof-The program is based on some scientific research that shows how metals, pesticides and industrial compounds can affect your health. The research shows that a complete detoxification program can help.
  • Maintains normal life-There are very little changes that will be required in your life. What this means is that you will continue with your normal life.
  • Maintain muscle mass-This program allows you a chance to consume adequate amount of proteins which helps you from losing muscle mass.

Cons of the Clean Program

  • It’s expensive-The supplements recommended in this case are expensive which makes the whole program expensive.
  • Electrolyte imbalance-The use of colonics and laxatives has its cons. Excessive use of colonics and laxatives can lead to electrolyte imbalance.

Saving money on the Clean Program

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The bottom line

Regardless of the fact that the program is expensive and there’s little scientific proof, there are many instances that this program can help you. There are many prior customers with the affirmation that the program is very beneficial.