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APOLLOLIFT is a well-known brand that sells different types of machinery for industrial use or other commercial use.

If you have been looking forward to buying any machinery from this brand this APOLLOLIFT review will help you know more about it.



APOLLOLIFT, with its headquarters in the Midwest, is a vertically integrated manufacturer of material handling equipment that also provides marketing, spares, and maintenance services.

APOLLOLIFT is able to take care of any maintenance and after-sales concerns thanks to their multiple warehouses located all across the United States and their professional engineers. All of this makes it possible to concentrate time and energy to ensuring the happiness of customers while also keeping our pledge to provide quality assurance.

APOLLOLIFT is able to meet your one-stop warehousing procurement needs by manufacturing 8 line-ups with a combined total of more than 100 categories of items and covering a broad spectrum of scopes.

The fundamental goal of APOLLOLIFT has always been to give consumers with the greatest items at rates that are fair and to provide customers with service that is excellent. APOLLOLIFT is the trustworthy and credible partner your company needs to generate value that will last and be sustainable for the long term.

APOLLOLIF shop stocks many types of material handling equipment, allowing us to meet the requirements of a wide variety of jobs. Apollolift is the go-to destination for fulfilling all of your storage equipment purchasing requirements because of the comprehensive range of categories it carries.

At Apollolift, they are aware of the significance of optimizing the use of your time in order to achieve the best possible results. Utilizing storage facilities located around the United States enables you to cut down on delivery times while simultaneously improving warehouse productivity.

Shipping policy

Delivery is on working days only, Monday through Friday; there is no delivery on weekends or public holidays.

When transporting bigger or heavier products, you may be subject to additional fees due to the weight of your shipment. The freight cost won't be determined until after the shipment has been completed. If additional freight costs are going to be incurred, APOLLOLIFT will let you know before the shipment or the billing.


APOLLOLIFT will use your designated courier if you provide one, but if you don't, they will choose the most cost-effective and productive one for you. This is all part of their commitment to provide you with first-class service.

When arranging delivery, it is essential to select your commercial address rather than your residential address if at all possible; failing to do so will result in the customer being responsible for any additional freight costs.

Additional fees for international express and package delivery will be implemented for destinations in Alaska and Hawaii. Combine multiple shipments into one. If it is at all possible, they will deliver your items together.

Refund policy

Within thirty days of the delivery date, the customer may return an item to Apollolift for a refund, provided that the item has not been opened and is still in its original condition.

If the goods that is being returned has not been opened and is still in its original condition, then the full cost of the product, including any applicable taxes, will be repaid.

However, Apollolift levies a restocking fee of 15% as well as a return shipping fee, and the company does not provide a refund for the initial delivery cost.

If the goods that is being returned has been opened or used in any way, APOLLOLIFT will check the returned product and charge for any damage that is discovered.

In the event that the customer ordered the incorrect product and would like to swap it for another product, the customer will be required to place a new order for the product they wish to exchange it for.

Return Procedure

You are only permitted to return any products or parts thereof after receiving prior authorization to do so from Apollolift and its Manufacturer.

Apollolift requires that you have a conversation with a Returns Specialist in order to obtain a Return Authorization number before you can return any merchandise (RA). You can contact via e-mail at [email protected] apolloliftus.com account or call 312-998-6659.

You may not send the product back to Apollolift unless you first have a RA confirmation from them. Packages that are received without a RA will be denied and sent back to the client at the customer's expense if they are returned.

The Return Authorization Number (RA#) is required to be clearly displayed on the exterior of all returned shipments, and all returned goods are required to contain a printed copy of the RA confirmation email sent by Apollolift.

It is the duty of the client to prepare their product(s) for return shipment by palletizing/caging, strapping, wrapping, and/or boxing them, and to pay any fees connected with these preparations. The consumer is responsible for repackaging, boxing, and palletizing.

Products that are being returned must be sent back in their original packing, including with any and all accessories, components/parts, and documentation that may have been included with the purchase.

If an item is returned without all of its accessories or components, the customer will be subject to a fee that will be determined by Apollolift at their sole discretion and will be equal to the value of the items that are missing from the returned item. This includes, but is not limited to, liquids, batteries, and chargers (such as oils and lubricants, fasteners, and bearings).

The customer is responsible for cleaning and/or removing any materials that were used on the returned merchandise. Apollolift reserves the right to refuse to accept returned items that have not been cleaned by the Customer prior to the return, or to charge a fee for cleaning and/or removal of materials that may have been used on or in the returned item. This decision is made in Apollolift's exclusive discretion.

Any reimbursement that is due to the customer will have fees removed from it to cover the cost of missing components, cleaning, or removal of materials from items that are returned. When returning a product that has the potential to leak during shipping, it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the product is properly packaged and sealed to prevent any spills that could damage any other components.

Any and all products that are returned and for which the customer is responsible for shipping must be dispatched by the customer using the shipping method that the customer prefers; however, Apollolift can provide shipping services to the customer at the customer's expense.